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Address: No. 3 Jizhou Road, Liangshi Road, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Service hotline: 0757-22910350

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Guangdong yuanlei powder co., LTD., founded in 2005, Located in Shunde, guangdong province. A place that connects Hong Kong, macau and the world. Yuanlei powder has its own mine. Self-production, independent marketing as one of the modern enterprises. The production base is in jiangmen, guangdong, which is known as the"top 100 town of township enterprises". Yuanlei powder sales network throughoutsouth China, central China, east China, southwest and other regions.
Guangdong yuanlei powder co., LTD., Professional production and sales: Natural barium sulfate, Precipitate barium sulfate, High light barium sulfate, extinction barium sulfate, modified barium sulfate, calcined kaolin, washed kaolin, Calcium carbonate light calcium carbonate, talc powder, transparent powder, mica powder, magnesium powder, silicon powder, quartz powder, glass powder, and other products, fineness of 400 mesh to 15000 mesh(size can be up to 0.5 UM).Yuanlei" The products are widely used in: paint, coating, ink, plastic, rubber, silicone, wire, cable, shoes material, pigment, glaze, papermaking, resin, nylon, glass, ceramics, refractory materials, building materials, PP material, lunch boxes, filling masterbatch, blown film, Pe film blowing, Pe sheet, pvc pipe, chemical fiber and anti-corrosion radiation and other fields.
  "Integrity-based, win-win cooperation" is the management principle of our company. In order to better serve our customers, our company constantly improves the quality of products, pays attention to the enterprise brand, improves the sales network, and tries our best to meet the needs of different customers. " The company a full range of products, adequate supply, quality and low price, dedicated to each customer will provide the best quality service and stable product quality Guangdong yuanlei powder co., LTD., warmly welcomes friends from home and abroad to visit our company and purchase our products.



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