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Address: No. 3 Jizhou Road, Liangshi Road, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Tel:  +86-571-86711106  +86-757-22910350
Email: bastonetech@gmail.com

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Company profile

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Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co.,Ltd.is mainly focused on mining,processing,and trading of barite resources since established in 2005.
We professionally mine,manufacture,and market Natural barium sulfate(Barite),precipitated barium sulphate,Titanium dioxide and other products based on our self-ownde mine resources.Our products are widely used in drilling,painting,coating,plastic,rubber,paper making,ceramic,ink,chemical fiber,medical and cosmetic industried.
Our production base is in Jiangmen,Guangzhou Province. It is specialized in the technology development and processing barite powder.Three production lines have been completed,including one Raymond mill,one Ring-roller mill and one Ultra-micro pulverizer.Different types of grinding equipment allow us to produce barite powder from 200mesh to 15000mesh(size can be up to 0.5μm).Annual barite production capacity can reach 100,000 metric tons.Meanwhile,a full set of advanced testing instruments,such as laser particle analyzers,moisture meter,whiteness meter and so on,in the production base is our quality assurance.
  Our company is a lead barite, precipitated barium sulphate,titanium dioxide exporter in China.Over the years,we have established long-term stable business relationship with our home and abroad customers.Our Products meet not only the domestic needs,but also are exported to many countries and districts,including but not limited to Europe,South America,North America,South-east Asia,Africa,ect.



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