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Source lei | barium sulfate series -- precipitated barium sulfate


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Source lei | barium sulfate series -- precipitated barium sulfate

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Source lei | barium sulfate series -- precipitated barium sulfate


Chinese name: precipitated barium sulfate
English name: Barium sulfate precipitated
CAS No. : 7727-43-7
Chemical formula: BaSO ₄
Molecular weight: 233.39 (according to international atomic scale, 1979)
CAS no. : 13462-86-7
EINECS no. : 236-664-5
H.S. code: 2833270000


Indeterminate white powder. Relative density 4.50. Melting point is 1580 ℃. Insoluble in water, ethanol, and acids. Soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid, easy to agglomerate when dry. Reduction by co-heating with carbon to barium sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide and toxic gases do not discolor in the air.
Widely used in a variety of coatings, plastics, rubber, paint, ink, insulation tape, ceramics, batteries, enamel and other industries. Can be used for acid resistant rubber products and general products. It can also be used as surface coating agent, sizing agent, weighting agent, etc.



"YLFT" precipitated barium sulfate has the advantages of strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, moderate hardness, high specific gravity and good whiteness. Can be used as white filler, can also be used as filler for rubber and paper, can increase its weight and smoothness. In rubber, plastic, paper, paint, ink, paint and other industries as a filler, brightener, weighting agent. In glass products as a clarifier, can play a role in defoaming and increasing luster. It can be used as a protective wall material against radiation. Also used in ceramics, enamel, spices and pigments and other industries. It's also used to make other barium salts.