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Source lei | barium sulfate series - - high - light barium sulfate


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Source lei | barium sulfate series - - high - light barium sulfate

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Source lei | barium sulfate series - - high - light barium sulfate


Chinese name: high light barium sulfate
English name: High Light Barium sulfate
Chemical formula: BaSO ₄
Molecular weight: 233.39 (according to international atomic scale, 1979)
CAS no. : 13462-86-7
EINECS no. : 236-664-5
H.S. code: 2833270000


White powder, relative density 4.0-4.5, insoluble in water, acid, alkali and other solvents, but soluble in strong acid and concentrated sulfuric acid. Heat - resistant, acid - resistant, alkali - resistant, non - toxic, tasteless can be used in contact with food products.
Good dispersion, high whiteness, smooth flow. It has excellent light resistance, weather resistance and acid resistance. It has good chemical inertness and moderate surface energy, so it has good dispersibility and affinity with other media as functional filler. And with all the color has a good compatibility. It can replace some high cost raw materials such as precipitated barium sulfate, titanium dioxide and active silicon dioxide, and reduce the cost. It is an environmentally friendly material that can absorb harmful radiation.




High light barium sulfate is produced by special chemical synthesis process, special filtration technology and special surface treatment technology, with high whiteness, no black particles, good dispersion and other characteristics. This product is white powder substance, non-toxic, tasteless, insoluble in water, acid, alkali and organic solvents, only soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid, not with any gas reaction. Therefore, it is a product with excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
1, high whiteness, and titanium dioxide has a coordinating effect.
2. The particles are fine and uniform with narrow particle size distribution, which is similar to imported titanium dioxide.
3, after special surface treatment, good dispersion, high affinity with resin.
4, in titanium dioxide particles play an isolation role, so that titanium dioxide particles protect each other
Hold a certain distance, give full play to the performance of titanium dioxide, improve the covering efficiency.
5. The product is pure and does not contain black particles to ensure the purity of the product.



1, plastic, with good dispersion, can enhance the hardness and stiffness of plastic, maintain the surface of the plastic gloss and brightness, especially suitable for the manufacture of household electrical appliances shell of high light PP and nylon parts.



2, powder coating, can enhance the smoothness of the powder coating and light, and all the color has a good compatibility.