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Source lei | mica powder series - mica powder 400-5000 mesh


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Source lei | mica powder series - mica powder 400-5000 mesh

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Source lei | mica powder series - mica powder 400-5000 mesh


Mica powder
English name: MICa powder
Subformula: KAl2(A1Si3O10)(OH, F)2
Subquantity: 256.24 (according to the international Atomic Scale, 1979)
C A S No. :12001-26-2
EINECS no. : 215-479-3
Customs Code: 25252000
Specification: 400 mesh,600 mesh,800 mesh,1250 mesh,1500 mesh,2000 mesh,2500 mesh,3000 mesh,5000 mesh, etc.
Properties: White powder. Relative density 2.77 g/cm3, refractive index 1.55-1.61.
Use instructions
YLFT white mica powder is a kind of non-metallic mineral, which contains a variety of components, mainly SiO2, with a general content of about 49%, and Al2O3 content of about 30%. Mica has good elasticity and toughness. Insulation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion and other characteristics, is an excellent additive. Superfine mica powder can be used as functional filler for plastics, coatings, paints, rubber, etc., which can improve its strength, toughness, adhesion, aging resistance and corrosion resistance.
YLFT white mica powder is widely used in electrical appliances, welding electrodes, electrical insulation, rubber, plastics, papermaking, paints, paints, ceramics, cosmetics, new building materials and other industries. With the continuous development of science and technology, people have opened up new application fields.