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Source of | magnesium powder series - magnesium powder


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Source of | magnesium powder series - magnesium powder

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Source of | magnesium powder series - magnesium powder


Strong magnesium powder
So, Magnesium powder
Subformula: Mg3 [Si4O10] (OH)2
Subquantity: 24.31 (according to the international Atomic Scale, 1979)
C A S No. : 7439-95-4
Customs Code: 2519909910
Gage: 1250 mesh,1500 mesh,2000 mesh,2500 mesh,3000 mesh,5000 mesh, etc.
Sexual energy: white powdery substance. Good whiteness, strong cover.
Use instructions
1. YLFT magnesium strength powder is used to improve the processing properties of rubber plastic resin, such as die pressing, rolling, extrusion, injection, etc. It can replace part of the more expensive rubber to reduce the cost of raw materials.
2.YLFT magnesium can be used to facilitate Plasticizers in rubber and plastic resins, especially in foaming products. This means that it reduces the friction of the polymers and allows the molecules to move more easily. Thus, it can be used to shorten the molding time and increase productivity during processing, whether it is to press or to press.
3. YLFT magnesium powder can change the physical properties of the product - increase tensile strength, impact strength, shear strength, flexural strength, hardness, reduce deformation, elongation, cushion expansion coefficient, etc.
4. YLFT strong magnesium powder is mixed with rubber material to roll or roll out thin sheets of 8m/m ~ 10m/m thickness, with smooth and very nice surface and rapid reduction of bubbles.
5. In terms of paint and coatings, YLFT magnesium powder is sun resistant, high temperature resistant, and does not change color under ULTRAVIOLET light. It can maintain the original luster and color for a long time.