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Live broadcast of | source lei powder products sweeping the asia-pacific floor show 2020


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Live broadcast of | source lei powder products sweeping the asia-pacific floor show 2020

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Live broadcast of | source lei powder products sweeping the asia-pacific floor show 2020


On August 11, the 10th Asia-Pacific Floor Exhibition 2020 was grandly held in Zone B of Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair. The exhibition will last until August 11th, during which guangzhou 2020 International Coating Exhibition, Asia Pacific Flooring Brand Conference and Guangzhou Flooring Exhibition, and Guangzhou 2020 Sports Venues and Flooring Exhibition will be held. It is expected that the visitor flow of this exhibition will reach more than 50000 person-time, and the audience of international buyers will reach the highest ever peak of 28000 person-time.


Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., LTD., as A raw material manufacturer of floor enterprises, was invited to participate in this exhibition, and specially brought Yuanlei powder materials to exhibit in Booth B03, Section A, Exhibition Hall 5.1, Canton Fair exhibition Hall, helping to show the new trend of China's ground materials industry.


| The exhibition time |
11-13 August 2020


| The booth address |

Booth B03, Section A, China Import and Export Commodities Fair, Guangzhou


To win the public praise of quality, so that the source of lei powder has repeatedly won the praise and favor of many floor enterprises, in the early stage of the exhibition attracted much attention, on-site exhibitors and customers at home and abroad, here to enjoy professional and satisfactory service.


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Guangdong source lei powder co., LTD., don't forget the beginner's mind, on an exclusive high-end products with the raw material of life, adherence to the "professional height more care" of the enterprise purpose, adhere to the career development and humanistic care for this, actively learn from foreign advanced technology, advanced concept to promote the enterprise comprehensive innovation, to meet social and market demand.



The high-quality products of Yuanlei powder, such as barium sulfate series, calcium carbonate series and silicon micro powder series, not only show the strength of Yuanlei to all friends, but also show the ingenuity and persistence of the company to do a good job in the product, which has won the recognition of the industry.




Asia-pacific Floor Show 2020




Exhibition time: 11-13 August, 2020
Booth location: Zone A, China Import and Export Commodities Fair
Address: Canton Fair Pavilion