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The 10th asia-pacific floor exhibition, | 2020, the "good start" of yuanlei powder


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The 10th asia-pacific floor exhibition, | 2020, the "good start" of yuanlei powder

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The 10th asia-pacific floor exhibition, | 2020, the "good start" of yuanlei powder


On August 11, the 10th Asia-pacific Floor Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. In this 3-day event, Yuan Lei powder is full of harvest. On the first day of the exhibition, the number of visitors exceeded ten thousand, which was an affirmation of the strength of Yuanlei powder, and also a new opportunity for Yuanlei powder.






So what makes Yuanlei powder stand out in the exhibition?



The first is quality


       In 2018, Yuanlei powder won the "China powder industry's best model enterprise" "China
National barium sulfate industry famous brand "honor, these years the source of lei powder to do products will always be quality
First place. Among the series products, barium content is ahead of the peers, with specific surface area and average
Particle size, specific gravity, whiteness and oil absorption were all controlled; Because the source of lei powder quality as the pick
Purchasing raw materials and production of products to follow the fundamental principles, the source of lei powder always firmly believe that only
Only by using high quality raw materials can we produce high quality products. And it is this that verges on grasping
With the insistence of the source of lei powder has been recognized by the majority of enterprises.





  The second is good market reputation.



   As an important participant in the coating industry, Guangdong Yuanlei powder Co., LTD also made an amazing appearance at this exhibition. The booth of yuan Lei powder body, the crowd is ceaseless, with the adornment that attracts eyeball, attracted buyer of home and abroad to stop, enter exhibition hall to understand, visit, negotiate. Affected by the impact of the epidemic, the overall operating environment and policy changes, enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the coating industry began to change their business direction and research and development direction one after another in 2020. Source lei powdery body person in charge expresses, at present the new product research and development of coating industry pays attention to green, health and environmental protection more, the market also put forward higher requirement to product function, accordingly source lei powdery body will adjust strategy in due time, research and development a few industry are pointed at, adapt strong product to satisfy the diverse demand of the customer and requirement.








This exhibition, Yuan Lei powder can be said to be a full load, this is to meet the 2020 has made a good start victory. In the face of increasing enterprise demand and increasingly fierce competition in the market, Zhou Li, general manager of Yuanlei powder, said that product quality will remain the core direction of Yuanlei powder in 2020. Quality win, improve the service, is the future trend of development, 2020, Yuan Lei powder will be committed to build environmental protection green industry chain, create a unique market ecological closed loop of Yuan Lei powder.


  "Gather power, wisdom and win-win", to create the first brand in the powder industry! This is the vision of Yuanlei powder. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Now Yuanlei powder is making progress step by step to realize its vision.