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Yuan Lei powder by the Guangdong Coating industry Association of charity and love award


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Yuan Lei powder by the Guangdong Coating industry Association of charity and love award

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Yuan Lei powder by the Guangdong Coating industry Association of charity and love award


On August 8th, the 4th member representative conference of the 8th Council of Guangdong Coating Industry Association and the development Conference of Guangdong coating industry in 2020 was held in Jiangmen. Zhou Li, general manager of Guangdong Yuan Lei powder, and Chen Dong, business manager, were invited to attend the conference.



The year 2020 is the year to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan. It is also the year of a new starting point and a new journey for the high-quality development of China's petroleum and chemical industry.
Guangdong coating industry development conference with the theme of "quality industrial development and joint development" is aimed at promoting the construction of a high quality development community of the whole coating industry chain. The conference discussed the theme of guangdong coating industry's new market in the post-epidemic period, studied and judged the way of high-quality development of the industry after the epidemic, and condensed the painstaking efforts and sweat of all upstream and downstream enterprises in the coating industry for the goal of win-win cooperation.





In the commendation link, Yuan Lei powder actively responded to the provincial tu Association's charitable love initiative, hand in hand to the guangxi Cangwu County Mu Shuangzhen junior high school education cause of attention and donations, won the conference commendation.



Yuan Lei powder since its establishment, has been to pay attention to social public welfare undertakings, attaches importance to social responsibility, in the creation of corporate value at the same time, actively carry out various social public welfare activities and staff mutual assistance and care activities, really achieve from the society, feedback to the society.