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| new exterior wall insulation materials: composite magnesium silicate


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| new exterior wall insulation materials: composite magnesium silicate

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| new exterior wall insulation materials: composite magnesium silicate



Composite magnesium silicate insulation material is a new thermal insulation material in recent years, it is simple construction, good performance and quickly used in the construction industry.
1. Low thermal conductivity and good thermal stability
With asbestos, perlite, aluminum silicate fiber different compared to traditional thermal insulation materials such as heat transfer, the traditional way of heat transfer in the thermal insulation material is through a lot of wool stoma convection, heat exchange between surface, and as the medium temperature rise and rise greatly, with the loss is also increased a lot, and magnesium silicate insulation three-dimensional space 38 sides closed hole hindered the convection of the gas, and have to heat radiation ability, and increase with the increase of medium temperature is very small, slow rise, the characteristics of the heat loss will increase is small, coefficient of thermal conductivity curve show a rising trend.
2. Good mechanical properties
Magnesium silicate insulation materials have paste and profile two categories. The paste can be applied directly to the special-shaped equipment in the cold and hot state. After dry and solid, the closed micropore structure and reticular fiber structure are formed. The profiles have various sizes of shells and plates. The compressive strength is greater than 0.5mpa, and the flexural strength is greater than 0.35mpa, which fully meet the requirements stipulated in the National standard "Pipe and Equipment Construction Code".


  3. Convenient construction

Composite magnesium silicate insulation materials can be processed into various specifications of shell (plate) products according to the needs of users, so that all kinds of pipelines and equipment have the corresponding profile, to bring convenience to the construction, improve the health conditions of the construction personnel, greatly improve the construction speed and quality; And composite magnesium silicate insulation materials do not contain toxic and harmful substances, no damage to the construction personnel and the position of the operator's body, and has good waterproof performance and high compressive strength, therefore, in the packaging and transportation, small losses in the construction process, thus improving the overall economic benefits of the insulation project.
4. Long service life
Composite magnesium silicate insulation material, not afraid of the sun, not powder, can be convenient to use any special-shaped equipment and pipelines. It has strong adhesion, anti - vibration, not cracking, not falling off, deformation and other beautiful. The service life is more than 3 times of the traditional insulation materials, the service life can reach more than 10 years.
5, non-toxic, tasteless, do not pollute the environment, do not harm human body, do not corrode equipment
Composite based on high quality calcium magnesium silicate insulation material, silicon material and the corresponding auxiliary agent, under the condition of dynamic hydrothermal synthesis of a new type of minerals and sepiolite as the main raw material, without surfactant, on pipeline, equipment does not produce corrosion, good thermal stability under high temperature, do not produce harmful substances, not divided, polluting the environment, harmless to the human body.