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[Invitation] At China International Coating Exhibition 2020, Yuanlei powder is looking forward to your visit


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[Invitation] At China International Coating Exhibition 2020, Yuanlei powder is looking forward to your visit

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[Invitation] At China International Coating Exhibition 2020, Yuanlei powder is looking forward to your visit




Date: December 8-10, 2020
Add: Zone A, China Import and Export Commodities Fair, Guangzhou
Booth No: 4.1/E34


Sincere invitation


Dear customers and friends,
Thank you for your long-term concern and support for our company. We know very well the development and growth of the company, and we cannot do without your attention, trust, support and participation. , the annual international coatings industry event, China international coatings show will be 08 - December 10, 2020 held in guangzhou exhibition center, at the appointed time, the conference will be the first to launch the online exhibition, and the real exhibition together, will have come from more than one hundred countries and regions in the world of thousands of suppliers, tens of thousands of viewers to visit the exhibition to visit, so as to give you a new mixed experience! In the continuous downturn of the demand side of the whole society, the development of the industry is in a special moment of the transformation of the old and new ways. It can be predicted that intelligent environmental protection will be the mainstream trend of all exhibitors.
As an old friend of China international paint exhibition and a professional powder manufacturer, Yuanlei powder will bring you new ideas of raw materials production in the paint industry. At that time, we are in the 4.1 Pavilion E34 booth, waiting for your presence!

Yuan Lei powder exhibition booth effect







Pay special attention! Booking registration of real-name audience


-In response to the requirements of the Chinese government on epidemic prevention and control, all visitors attending this exhibition must make an appointment in advance with their real names.

- Visitors who do not make an appointment with their real name in advance and fail to produce valid identification documents are not allowed to enter.


Yuan Lei has prepared free tickets for professional visitors to attend the exhibition


Free door ticket collection method


Scan the code to follow "Official Official Account of the Exhibition"


1.Please press the qr code to follow the official official account of the exhibition.
2.Please click "Audience focus" in the lower left corner → "Physical exhibition audience registration" to fill in the basic information.
3.Please enter the exhibitor's invitation code "XVTCUHXY", waive the registration fee and complete the registration.
Heavy points:
1. Pre-show preparation
All visitors to the exhibition must pass real-name authentication, temperature check and Siegang code check (application is required in advance). All visitors are required to wear masks throughout the exhibition. Visitors must book the visit time in advance and apply for your visitor e-card and Sui Kang Code immediately!
E-card for Visitors: Visitors must register with their real names in advance, and immediately complete the registration procedures according to the above "Free ticket collection method".
Note: The online registration deadline is December 1, 2020. Please be sure to complete the free registration before December 1, 2020.
Sui kang code: enter "sui kang" in the WeChat search field, and click into the "sui kang" small program; Or through WeChat scan sunflower code, open and add "sui kang" small program, complete the steps of sui kang code generation.
2. Enter the pavilion
The following procedures are for exhibitors and visitors to enter the exhibition hall after they arrive:
Scan "siekang code" + pavilion pass code > temperature > security check > id card verification > scan "e-card" > enter pavilion
If you have any questions, you can follow the public number or contact our staff, for you to answer!
Welcome all old and new friends to visit booth E34 in Hall 4.1. Yuanlei powder is waiting for your arrival!