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Strength debut! Yuanlei powder and you to meet the international coating exhibition!


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Strength debut! Yuanlei powder and you to meet the international coating exhibition!

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Strength debut! Yuanlei powder and you to meet the international coating exhibition!


Industry Sheng exhibition cutting-edge technology directly on the scene


During the 3-day exhibition, more than 700 exhibitors from 21 countries/regions exhibited, among which 154 companies participated for the first time.
◆ 6 exhibition halls, 8 exhibition areas covering the whole industry: coating and coating products, powder coating, UV/EB curing technology and products, Chinese equipment, instruments and services, electroplating and finishing technology, China + international raw materials, and environmental protection, safety and personal protection equipment according to the current industry standards;
◆ Technical exchange activities will be held in the same period, including two technical training sessions of "China International Paint Exhibition" with the theme of "Determining Elements of Paint/Ink Formulation Optimization" and "Application of Waterborne Industrial Paint in Infrastructure Development", and several special technical lectures. For the first time, special technical lectures will be held in the form of "online + offline". Those who cannot attend in person can participate online and communicate with the speakers in real time, collect the information of products and services they are interested in, and obtain the information of innovative technology application and industry development trend.
The exhibition to prepare
Carefully planned and carefully laid out
Yuanlei powder carefully prepared for this exhibition, made a new enterprise promotional video and product materials, and unified business clothes to show the good image of the company, reflecting the team spirit of Yuanlei.
Source lei powder
Booth number: 4.1E34
4.1 Pavilion
Hitting the booth
The audience continues to thrive
As a leading raw material supplier in China, Yuanlei Powder was visited by the majority of participants to understand and communicate deeply. The audience actively watched and displayed samples. The company's sales and technical team warmly received, tacit cooperation, on-site Q&A, and detailed introduction of the company's products and testing advantages.
Since the establishment of the company in 2005, Yuanlei powder has focused on quality control and taken product quality as the first lifeline. Since then, Yuanlei powder has taken "world first" as the ultimate goal and made unremitting efforts to this end. In this exhibition, Yuanlei Powder prepared materials carefully and came on stage with new products, which not only showed the strength of Yuanlei Powder to friends from all over the world, but also showed the ingenuity and persistence of the company to do a good job of products to the world, which won the recognition of friends at home and abroad and gained a lot.
The exhibition will last until December 10th. The booth of Yuanlei Powder is located in Zone A Pavilion and Zone 4 /4.1E34. If you are interested in the exhibition, you can visit the site and have A deeper understanding. We will be here to provide the best service for friends from home and abroad.