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YuanLei little knowledge | Types and uses of barium sulfate


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YuanLei little knowledge | Types and uses of barium sulfate

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Barium sulfate is a common material in chemical industry. In industry, barium sulfate is divided into many kinds: precipitated barium sulfate, super-fine barium sulfate, high-light barium sulfate, extinction barium sulfate, and super-fine modified barium sulfate. Let's introduce the knowledge of barium sulfate.



1.Precipitated barium sulfate:

The appearance is white amorphous powder with a relative density of 4.50 and a melting point of 1 580 ℃. It is almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acids, and soluble in hot sulfuric acid. It is an important basic chemical raw material,

Main Applications: Used as raw materials or fillers for paints, coatings, ink, plastics, rubber and batteries; Surface coating agent for image printing paper and copper sheet paper; Sizing agent for textile industry; Glass products for clarifying agent, also used in porcelain, enamel and dye industries, is also the manufacture of other barium salt raw materials.



2.Ultrafine barium sulfate:

The particle size distribution range is narrow and the chemical stability is high. Barium sulfate content is more than 98%, it has high whiteness, no black spots, no impurities, good dispersion, and has good wettability, excellent acid resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance. It can significantly improve the hardness and wear resistance of the products.

Main Applications: Used in various paint, plastic, rubber, paint, ink and other industries. Can be used for acid-resistant rubber products and general products. Can also be used as surface coating agent, sizing agent, weighting agent, also used in papermaking, ceramic battery and other fields.



3. High light barium sulfate:

Good dispersion, high whiteness, good leveling. Excellent light resistance, weather resistance and acid resistance. With good chemical inertness and moderate surface energy, it has good dispersion and affinity with other media as a functional filler. And with all the color material has better compatibility. It is an environmentally friendly material that can absorb harmful rays.

Main Application: Filler, used in plastic, paint, rubber, paint, ink, ceramic, battery, enamel, etc., in powder coating effect is very good.



4. Elimination of barium sulfate:

Good dispersion, excellent light resistance, weather resistance and acid resistance, good extinction effect. In the flat, half light, matt powder coating, reduce the amount of matting agent, good flatness, no impurities, can reduce the cost. It has a good hiding power, and as the carrier of the pigment, the pigment can be dispersed efficiently to obtain uniform, fine crystal structure characteristics and high refractive rate, so that the color is more rich and full. It doesn't react with any gases.

Main Application: Coating and powder coating. Can also be used in paint, plastic, rubber, ink, ceramic.



5. Superfine modified barium sulfate:

It's a specially made product. In the process of coating production, it has the characteristics of good dispersion, high whiteness and good leveling. In the process of plastic production, it has good dispersion, which can enhance the strength and hardness of plastics, keep the surface gloss and brightness of plastics, and also improve the toughness and wear resistance of products. In the highlight PP, PE and other high-grade plastic effect is very good.

Main Applications: Used in various paint, plastic, rubber, paint, ink, paper, ceramic, battery, enamel, cosmetics and other fields.