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YuanLei little knowledge | Mica powder of sericite powder


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YuanLei little knowledge | Mica powder of sericite powder

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Sericite powder, a kind of mica powder, it belongs to the layered structure of silicate minerals.



Physicochemical property

Sericite belongs to monoclinic crystal, crystal is scaly, silky luster (Muscovite glass luster), pure block is gray, purple rose, white, diameter to thickness ratio >80, specific gravity 2.6-2.7, hardness 1-3, elastic, flexible, good wear resistance and wear resistance; Heat resistant insulation, insoluble in acid and alkali solution, chemical stability.

Test data: elastic modulus 1502-2134MPa, heat resistance 500-600 ℃, thermal conductivity 0.419-0.670W.(m.K) -1, electrical insulation 2000kv/mm, anti-radioactivity 5*10 14 thermal neutron /cm2 against illumination.

In addition, the chemical composition, structure and structure of sericite are similar to kaolin, but also has some characteristics of clay minerals, that is, good dispersion and suspension in water medium and organic solvent, fine white grain, viscosity, etc. Therefore, sericite has the characteristics of both mica minerals and clay minerals.


Product application

▼Rubber field

The inorganic fillers commonly used in the rubber industry are calcium carbonate, talc, clay, etc., they improve some functions of rubber products at the same time also weaken some properties, and sericite products as a multifunctional filler of rubber products, with a variety of properties. The unique structure with high diameter to thickness ratio improves the reinforcing effect, and the excellent sheet crystal shape greatly improves the air sealing. The polarized effect of mineral crystals and the interlayer water molecular interference effect, the effective shielding of ultraviolet, microwave and infrared rays, greatly improves the aging resistance of the products.



▼Plastics field

Plastic mica powder is a kind of natural functional powder filling material with high diameter to thickness ratio, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance. Sericite is evenly dispersed in plastics, the object fluidity is good, easy to extrude granulation and injection molding, conducive to industrial production. Sericite compatibility is good, in plastics and other filling materials such as talcum powder, glass fiber, glass powder, microbeads, wollastonite fiber, silicon powder can be very compatible. At present, sericite is mainly used in PP, thermoplastic polyester, PC, PE, polymethyl hirene, PA, unsaturated polyester, phenolic plastics, PU and so on.



▼Coating field

Coating mica powder is a new type of functional green environmental protection filler, unique two-dimensional sheet blocking, shielding UV light, chemical structure stability and other functions effectively improve the coating film's permeability resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, in addition, does not contain any radioactive elements, in line with the green trend in the field of coatings. It is widely used in building exterior wall coating, anticorrosive coating, powder coating, high temperature resistant coating, insulation coating, waterproof coating, road sign coating, radiation protection coating and some special coatings, such as ship coating, spacecraft thermal control coating and food ware coating.



▼Electronic field

Sericite powder can be used as a special functional filling material for copper clad plate, and can also be used for electronic pot-sealing adhesive, epoxy resin castable, plastic sealing material, LED packaging material, electronic component, etc. Can obviously improve the performance of materials, reduce the cost of materials, has a significant cost-effective advantage.