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YuanLei little knowledge | The application range of Lide powder


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YuanLei little knowledge | The application range of Lide powder

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Lide powder white crystalline powder. It is a mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate. The more zinc sulfide it contains, the stronger its covering power and the higher its quality. Density 4.136~ 4.34g /cm3, insoluble in water. In the case of acid decomposition is easy to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, hydrogen sulfide and alkali solution does not work. By ultraviolet radiation in the sun 6~7h into light gray, in the dark still restore the original color. It is easy to oxidize in the air and agglomerate after being wet.



The use of Lide powder

Lide powder can be used in paint, ink, rubber coloring. Similar in structure to zinc sulfide composition, containing barium sulfate composition, slightly less durable. The resistance to pulverization is poor. It is cheap and therefore can be used as a partial substitute for titanium dioxide.

1. paint: mainly used for water-based paint, blending paint as primer, all kinds of cellulose paint, alkali resistant coatings based on chlorinated rubber and polyurethane. Also because of its good hiding power, heat resistance, alkali resistance and fluidity, it is particularly effective for the production of lacquer cloth with color pigments, prolong the service life, can also be used in electrophoretic coatings and photoconductivity systems.

2. ink: Lide powder particle fine, loose structure, white color and good hiding power, so in the composition of ink and other colors can have a good match.

3. rubber, plastic: the use of Lide powder in plastics and pigments can play a role in brightening and improving the strength of products, Lide powder is easy to disperse quickly and make this kind of products convenient processing technology, especially the molding, calendering and flattening operation process. Not only that, but also because of its chemical inertness, it can also adapt to vulcanization in rubber processing.

4. building materials: not only can be used as water-based paint applied to the interior walls of buildings, but also can be used as wallpaper, floor paint, table and other plastic veneer filler.

5. papermaking, painting utensils: as a white opaque pigment used for a variety of paper filler, used for chalk, crayon, painting of white pigment.

6. others: can also be used as filler putty raw materials, adding 20% Lide powder in the concrete made of artificial stone without affecting its light resistance and solidification; Applied to fireproof polyester compound can increase the anti-impact and anti-electric properties; Jet engine dyes and thermal coating and insulation of recording materials and so on.