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YuanLei little knowledge | Application field of titanium dioxide


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YuanLei little knowledge | Application field of titanium dioxide

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The technical name of Titanium Dioxide is Titanium Dioxide, a dye and pigment. Its molecular formula is TiO2 with a molecular weight of 79.8658.

Titanium dioxide is the most important white pigment, with high refractive index, good chemical stability, weather resistance, whiteness, high achromism and covering power, and non-toxic and harmless, no stimulation to the human body, widely used in coatings, plastics, paper, ink, pharmaceuticals, fibers, cosmetics and other fields.



Application field

【Paint】:Coating is a viscous suspension composed of base material, pigment, solvent and additives. Titanium dioxide is used in paints as a pigment. The pigment has the ability to cover and decorate, so as to achieve the role of beautiful decoration. At the same time, the pigment can also enhance the mechanical strength and adhesion of the coating film, which can extend the service life of the coating film.

【Plastic】:The plastics industry is the second largest user of titanium dioxide, usually titanium dioxide consumption in the field of plastics accounts for 20% of the consumption of titanium dioxide application field. The application of titanium dioxide in plastic products, in addition to the use of its high hiding power, high achromatic power and other pigment properties, it can also improve the heat resistance of plastic products, light resistance, weather resistance, so that plastic products from UV invasion, improve the mechanical and electrical properties of plastic products.

【Paper making】:As paper filler, mainly used in high-grade paper and thin paper. Adding titanium dioxide to the paper can make the paper with good whiteness, good luster, high strength, thin and smooth, printing does not penetrate, light quality. Papermaking titanium dioxide generally uses anatase titanium dioxide without surface treatment, can play the role of fluorescent brightening agent, increase the whiteness of paper. But laminated paper requires the use of surface treated rutile titanium dioxide, in order to meet the requirements of light and heat resistance.

【Ink】:White powder or advanced ink in the indispensable white pigment. The ink containing titanium dioxide is durable and does not change color. It has good surface wettability and is easy to disperse. The ink industry used titanium dioxide rutile type, also anatase type.

【Ceramics】:Ceramic industry is also an important field of titanium dioxide application, ceramic titanium dioxide has high purity, uniform particle size, high refractive index, has excellent high temperature resistance, under 1200℃ temperature conditions to maintain 1 hour unchanged ash characteristics. High opacity, thin coating, light weight, widely used in ceramics, architecture, decoration and other materials.