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Source lei wonderful moment | 2019 international paint exhibition perfect closing


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Source lei wonderful moment | 2019 international paint exhibition perfect closing

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Source lei wonderful moment | 2019 international paint exhibition perfect closing


On November 20, 2019, the 24th China international paint exhibition successfully concluded. In just three days, the exhibition of guangdong yuanlei powder co., ltd. welcomed the visit and consultation of domestic and foreign industry colleagues. Take this opportunity, sincerely to all the friends present to say: thank you, all the way together!


Guangdong yuanlei powder co., LTD., with advanced technology and professional services, has attracted many new and old customers.


In the stream of people, old customers come to give praise, new customers consult, each "you" step into the source of the exhibition hall, this is our support, but also let us a responsibility and moved.



By providing customers with professional products and services, guangdong yuanlei powder co., ltd. has been "integrity-based, win-win cooperation" for the purpose, to customer needs, customer first has been our service philosophy.



Is this group of partners, enthusiasm and efforts, set up a bridge source lei before contact with customers, with the most sincere heart to face the customer, with professional service attitude and knowledge, various analysis, solve the customer's needs, keep the idea of customer first, in line with the most dedicated professionalism, service all the exhibition to clients.




Trace to the source of the brand to the yuan lei booth


Hc360.com visited yuan lei's booth


For three days, yuanlei powder exhibition is filled with the voice of black uniforms and customers, Chinese and English seamless, constantly thinking collision, wisdom growth.



"Integrity-based, win-win cooperation" is not a slogan, we believe in the "craftsman spirit", practice the "customer first", committed to providing customers with safe, high-quality products, to provide customers with more preferential, affordable prices, so that we can achieve mutually beneficial cooperation with customers.



Although the exhibition has ended, but our enthusiasm did not fade, everyone's attention and expectations, will be firm our step into the future, thank you for your company, at the same time, let us meet the next exhibition, be there or be square!