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Against the epidemic, the source of lei salute "the most beautiful adverse walker"!


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Against the epidemic, the source of lei salute "the most beautiful adverse walker"!

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Against the epidemic, the source of lei salute "the most beautiful adverse walker"!


New Year begins in 2020
The new coronavirus is a lightning bolt
Sweep across China
Yet there are such people
Everyone is running away from wuhan, running away from hubei
They came from all sides of the country
Xingye journey, to wuhan
Some of them are doctors and some are nurses
Some are workers, some are volunteers
But in this moment
They have only one identity
When the virus broke out, they were called in
The disease is dangerous. They are going against the wind
They came from all sides of deqing
To the wind and rain, epidemic disease filled with the German qing dynasty
Cast clouds to see the sun, the final word
The hearts of people seething with public opinion and fear
Stick firmly in, fix the magic needle!
Doctors and nurses
They are at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic
They deal with viruses every day and compete with death
Pulling one patient after another back from the brink of death
They should have enjoyed the Spring Festival holiday at home
But was recalled to the hospital, fighting the epidemic!
In the most dangerous environments
Do the highest work
With a pure heart, chu feelings
Save the people in fire and water, the solution of sentient beings in duckweed
Knowing the dangers ahead
But still unflinching determination to move forward
Because they carry something with them
For us to achieve prosperity and peace
On duty personnel
Except for the health care workers who face the epidemic
And these front line officers
Still in front
The wind is biting
24 hours
From the first day of the New Year
They are waging an all-out war against the disease
Returned to the factory workers
What's the best seller this Spring Festival?
Not pork, not a gift, but a mask!
The workers gave up their holidays to return to the factory
Continued intense production operations
With their own actions, support epidemic prevention!
Perhaps they are the least
Maybe they're obscure
But they give up their family for everyone regardless of fame
They united as one
With nameless I help fight against the epidemic
The citizens
They are the biggest victims of this outbreak
They were also among the strongest supporters of the campaign
They also have small families, parents and children
But they stayed at home for everyone
Resolutely fight against the epidemic to the end
For epidemic control
No relatives, no visits
Stay home and fight the virus!
We miss this city and yearn for it more than ever
Return to normal order and life early
We love this city, because there is love, there is hope!
Together, we can fight the disease
We've been together!
he heart of wuhan
They advised us to stay away from the epidemic area
And become a "rebel"
Which has what years static good
It's just someone carrying something for you
What angel in white
It's just a different group of people
Learn the appearance of predecessors in and death rob people
Thanks to the "downwalker"
Let's salute them!
No winter is insurmountable
There is no spring but comes
When the winter is over
We went to wuhan to see the cherry blossoms
Let's go to wuhan for hot and dry noodles
Come on, wuhan!
Come on, China!