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Nano Calcium carbonate


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Nano Calcium carbonate

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Chinese name :
English name :
Nano Calcium carbonate
Molecular formula :
Molecular weight :
100.09 (according to the 1979 International Atomic Scale)
H.S. Coding :
Nano Calcium carbonate
Properties: white powder.
New type of nano calcium carbonate Features: enhanced toughening, with fine, uniform, high whiteness, good optical performance and so on.
1. Application characteristics of rubber industry: Nano-calcium carbonate after surface modification has good compatibility with rubber, which has the functions of reinforcing, filling, coloring, improving processing technology and products, making rubber easy to mix and easy. Dispersed, the rubber is soft after mixing, and the rubber surface is smooth; the elongation, tensile strength and tear strength of the product can be substantially improved.
2. Plastic industry application characteristics: Due to its high gloss, low wear rate, surface modification and oleophobic properties, nano calcium carbonate can be filled in polymers such as polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and phenolic plastics, and is now widely used. Plastic and PVC cable packing
3. Coating industry application characteristics: It can improve the adhesion of paint, scrub resistance, stain resistance, strength and surface finish, and has good anti-settling effect.
4. Ink industrial application characteristics: the ink used in the nano calcium carbonate is good in viscosity, so it has good printing performance; good stability; fast drying and no opposite effect; because the particles are small, the printed product is smooth and the dots are complete. Improve the finish of the ink for high speed printing.
Applications: Widely used in various coatings, plastics, rubber, paint, ink paper, ceramics, batteries, enamel, cosmetics and other fields. It can be used in products that come into contact with food.
Technical indicators:
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