Sales Manager

1, according to the company's sales plan to complete the sales performance;
2, according to the determined payment terms to ensure the customer's sales return;
3, the development of new customers and continuous follow-up, regular by mail, telephone and visit to track customer service, and timely feedback to the company's internal customer situation;
4. Make a sales plan;
5. Coordinate the progress of the project and solve related problems with the department;
6. Statistics, summary and reporting of sales data.
1. Bachelor degree or above in marketing, international trade or electronic related major;
2. Excellent communication skills and teamwork ability;
3, have a certain project management and electronic design and manufacturing knowledge;
4. Good English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills, working overseas
5. Able to travel and work under pressure. Experience in studying abroad and working in foreign companies is preferred;
6. Passionate, easy-going, good at learning and accepting new things;