YuanLei little knowledge | The difference between barium sulfate(BaSO4) and barium sulfite(BaSO3)

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2024-02-29 15:13

Barium sulfate and barium sulfite only a word difference is two different substances, this article will take you to understand the difference between barium sulfate and barium sulfite.

【Barium sulfate(BaSO4)】

Barium sulfate is also known as barite, is a natural ore, the general shape of the bifurcated crystal block, the color is mainly determined by the type and number of impurities it contains, pure barite is colorless and transparent. Barium sulfate powder is selected natural barium sulfate ore after cleaning, grinding, drying and other processes made, its impurities are more, the quality is mainly determined by the mine itself, but its price is low, usually used in white pigment production or low-grade coatings, plastics, ink industry as a filler.



【Barium sulfite(BaSO3)】

Barium sulfite, white equiaxed cubic crystal, sometimes light gray or yellowish-green, industrial products for light brown or black powder. It is mainly used in the manufacture of barium salt, Lide powder and luminous paint, and also used as rubber vulcanization agent and leather hair removal agent. Also used in paper making.




1. physical properties: barium sulfite slightly soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol; Barium sulfate odorless, tasteless powder, soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid, almost insoluble in water, dilute acid, alcohol.

2. use: barium sulfite is mainly used in the production of sulfite, barium sulfite, barium sulfite precipitation, etc.; Barium sulfate is mainly used in the production of white pigments, low-grade coatings, plastics, ink and so on.

【Identification method】

When identifying sulfite and sulfate, barium nitrate solution acidified by dilute nitric acid cannot be used for testing, because hydrogen ions have strong oxidation when they meet nitrate ions, and it is easy to oxidize sulfite into sulfate. Barium chloride solution should be added separately to produce precipitation, dilute hydrochloric acid should be added to dissolve the precipitation, the irritating gas can be smelt, the fuchsin solution should be introduced, the solution should fade, and the solution should be reheated to restore the color, which proves that the original substance is barium sulfite.

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Yuan Lei little knowledge | The application of barium sulfate in general plastics and engineering plastics


Yuan Lei little knowledge | The application of barium sulfate in general plastics and engineering plastics

Yuan Lei knowledge | take you to understand spherical quartz powder


The spherical quartz powder has the advantages of smooth surface, large specific surface area, high hardness and stable chemical properties. First of all, the spherical powder has good fluidity, and the resin is stirred into a uniform film, the resin addition amount is small, the quartz powder filling amount is high, and the mass fraction is up to 90.5%. The higher the filling amount of quartz powder, the lower the thermal conductivity, the smaller the coefficient of thermal expansion of the plastic sealing material, the closer to the coefficient of thermal expansion of monocrystal silicon, the better the performance of the electronic components produced. Secondly, the stress of spherical powder is only 60% of the stress of angular powder, and the plastic sealant made of spherical quartz powder has the smallest stress concentration and the highest strength. Finally, the surface of the spherical powder is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, the wear of the mold is small, and the service life of the mold can be extended to more than 1 times. picture Application field 1. Epoxy sealing material: used as a filler in epoxy sealing material, which can increase component strength and thermal conductivity and save large resin; 2. Copper shoes: make the product stronger, better thermal conductivity, low ray integrated circuit source error possibility is lower; 3. Electronic ink: applied in electronic ink, better hiding power, bright color; 4. Optical fiber: can be used as high-quality raw materials for optical fiber production; 5. Cosmetics: due to its good dispersion and oil and water compatibility, it can be used in lipstick, powder, foundation cream and other cosmetics; 6. Ceramic composite material: has good dielectric properties, low thermal expansion coefficient and good electrical insulation, can be used in precision ceramics, electronic ceramics, advanced ceramics, synthetic mullite materials, enamel glaze and special refractory materials; 7. Coating industry: ultraviolet absorption and infrared reflection characteristics can extend the aging performance of the coating and improve the quality of the coating. picture picture Manufacturing method Spherical quartz powder is a kind of powder obtained from natural quartz stone after purification and ultrafine grinding, through a certain high temperature field, its phase, crystal and shape change instantaneously, from solid to molten state to solid state, from crystal to amorphous state, from irregular angular particles to regular spherical particles. At present, the preparation methods are generally high temperature plasma melting method, high temperature melt injection method and gas combustion flame method. ▲ High temperature plasma melting method High temperature plasma melting method is the use of AC or DC arc plasma produced by high temperature gas as a heat source, the quartz powder is sprayed into the plasma flame, the powder is heated and melted and vaporized instantaneously, and then through sudden cooling, cyclone and cloth bag collection, spherical silicon powder can be obtained. ▲ High temperature melt injection method High-temperature fusion injection method is to melt the material in a high-temperature field to melt it into a molten body. At the moment of the molten body outflow, the high-pressure air is sprayed through the injector, and the molten matter is dispersed by high-speed air into a small mist droplet, which is then rapidly cooled, and the small liquid droplet shrinks into a smooth surface naturally when it is cold. ▲ Gas combustion flame method Gas combustion flame method is based on acetylene gas, hydrogen gas, natural gas and other fuel gas as raw materials, oxygen or air as auxiliary gas, through the closed furnace combustion to produce a clean flame. At the same time, the angular quartz powder is transported to the flame by the air flow. When the angular powder passes through the high temperature flame field, it is first melted into amorphous particles, and when it leaves the high temperature field and is rapidly cooled, it immediately shrinks into spherical particles, and then gets the finished product through cyclone collection.