Spring returns to the earth, waiting for flowers to bloom

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2024-01-29 09:38


Spring returns to the earth, waiting for flowers to bloom


Jingzhe, known as "Qizhe" in ancient times, is the third solar term in the 24 solar terms, marking the beginning of the mid-spring season. When the sun reaches 345 degrees of the yellow longitude. The sixth emperor of the Han Dynasty, Emperor Hanjing, taboo "Qi", in order to avoid taboo, changed "Qi" to the word "Jing" with similar meaning.




"Moon order seventy-two Hou set solution" "February festival...... everything is beyond the shock, the shock for the thunder, so the stinging, is the stinging insect startled and run away." At this time, spring urges everything, whether it is plants, animals, or natural landscapes, to have new vitality, showing a thriving scene.


The ancients called the animal into the winter hidden in the soil, do not drink do not eat, for "sting". When the first thunder of spring sounded, hibernating animals were awakened, people called this day "stung". Therefore, when stinging, the stinging insect wakes up, the weather gets warmer, and spring thunder gradually occurs.



In mid-spring and Tun, when it rains, the beginning of thunder will be in the eastern corner.

The stings were all hidden, and the grass and trees were all over the place.

Pianpian new Yan, both into my house.


-- Tao Yuanming


Insects, animals, stinging insects, season, everything, mid-spring, for, wake up, moon

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