3.8 Goddess Festival pays tribute to the most beautiful "retrograde"

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2024-01-29 09:38


3.8 Goddess Festival pays tribute to the most beautiful "retrograde"


Pay tribute to the most beautiful retrograde


The 2020 New Year is destined to be a special New Year. It was supposed to be the pace of returning home, but the rhythm was disrupted by the sudden pneumonia epidemic. A "war" without gunpowder spread from Wuhan to the whole country. When everyone talked about the "epidemic" At that time, a group of special "soldiers" gave up reunion with their families, returned their tickets to return home, and even feared that their families would quietly carry their bags and rush to the epidemic area, they are the most beautiful "retrograde". The virus quietly devours life, even though it is terrible, but because of this group of medical workers who are going against the wind, they have been firmly paying and guarding us, so that we have the confidence to win the war "epidemic!



In the days of the fight against the epidemic, we have seen not only the iron and steel men, but also more and more brave and fearless women, rushing to the forefront of the fight against the epidemic.

According to statistics, more than 50% of the medical teams supporting Wuhan are women, and more than 90% of the front-line female nurses.


Whether it is the first line of medical care, the site, or the corner of the city, they can be seen everywhere.





They are no longer synonymous with weakness, but the backbone and backbone of charging for the country and serving the people.

In this special festival


Tribute to the bravest warrior in white

Tribute to the most beautiful retrograde



 May the spring bloom,


The day of your return.!


May the mountains and rivers be safe,    


You are safe and triumphant!









The most beautiful, walker, salute, they, let us, family, you, Wuhan, we

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