Arbor Day | Spring breeze ten miles, less than a touch of green

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Arbor Day | Spring breeze ten miles, less than a touch of green


White-headed species Songgui

See the forest sooner or later

Every tree is life,After four seasons change

Sprout in spring, blossom in summer, fall leaves in autumn, sleep in winter

Another spring, another cycle

Liu jasper makeup, new buds out of soil


Do you also want that green?

In ancient China, there was the habit of planting willows during the Qingming Festival. As the saying goes, "if you want to plant flowers, you will not send them, but if you don't want to plant willows, you will become a shade". The real Arbor Day was established as a special festival in July 1915. Under the initiative of the revolutionary pioneer Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Beiyang government at that time officially stipulated that the Qingming Festival should be used as the Arbor Day every year. Since then, China has Arbor Day. In 1928, in order to commemorate the third anniversary of Sun Yat-sen's death, the day of his death, March 12, was designated as Arbor Day.

Afforestation fun

Are there any anecdotes about afforestation in countries around the world?
They're not just small saplings
Each tree has its unique meaning.

01. The provisions of the Java Island Act in Indonesia stipulate that 2 trees should be planted for the first marriage and 5 trees for divorce. Three trees must be planted for the second marriage, otherwise they will not be registered.

02. During the annual tree planting season in Bonn, Germany, the young man will give the girl a carefully selected birch seedling and plant it with his own hands to express his love.

03. In some areas such as Kagoshima, Japan, there are also regulations for newlyweds to plant trees. A monument beside the tree indicates their names and marriage date. They can only be cut down 50 years after planting. At that time, the tree-planting couple can hold a celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary.

The way of planting trees in foreign countries is really different. The seeds of love are buried in the ground and grow in the wind day after day. Spring water is born, spring forest is flourishing, spring breeze is ten miles, not as good as you.

-- Feng Tang "thirty-six big"



In my mind, trees have always been like persuasive preachers. When they grow up in groups in the forest, or when several trees gather together like family members, it is certainly awe-inspiring, but I admire the independent individual plants even more. They are like lonely people-not recluses based on a certain mentality, but great men who are outstanding, like Beethoven or Nietzsche. The branches of all trees resounded the world, and their roots went deep into the endless underground without losing themselves. They rose up all their strength and adhered to a life goal: to practice, present their unique posture and achieve themselves according to their inherent laws.



Awe of life, love nature

Be a tree guardian and guard the spring garden.

Tree planting is not only 3-12, but also 365 days.

This spring, together for the world

Add a touch of green!











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