Spring Equinox

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Spring Equinox


To the vernal equinox, day and night equally

This year's vernal equinox is

Friday, March 20, 2020

Lunar New Year, February 27



Vernal equinox, middle of spring

It is the most beautiful time of the year

At this time of spring beauty to the extreme

CrowWarblerDance swallow, vegetation recovery

Peach Li Bai, smoke willow fluttering

Wheat jointing, rape graceful


No matter the south or the north, spring is in harmony.



The vernal equinox is the middle point of 90 days in spring and one of the most important solar terms in the 24 solar terms. And this solar term not only means that spring is already halfway through, but also has many interesting customs. Here are a few interesting ones:


1. Egg


It is said that on the day of the spring equinox every year, tens of millions of people around the world are doing "egg-laying" experiments.Early in4000 years ago, China had the tradition of setting eggs on the vernal equinox. At that time, it was to celebrate the coming of spring. Later, it gradually evolved into a tradition of praying for good luck.ActuallyThere is another meaning. When spring comes, everything is restless. Eggs can remind people to keep a good state of mind and be calm at all times..



2. fly a kite


The vernal equinox is a good time for children to fly kites, and even adults should participate. In the gentle spring breeze, people run wantonly in the open space, competing to fly higher and farther than whose kite.



3. Spring Festival


In February, the Spring Festival began to sweep tombs and worship ancestors, also called the Spring Festival. Before sweeping the tomb, a grand ancestor worship ceremony should be held in the ancestral hall. Pigs and sheep should be slaughtered. Drummers should be invited to play. The ritual students should read the sacrificial texts and lead three gifts. In most Hakka areas, the tomb-sweeping of ancestors in spring starts from the vernal equinox or earlier, and will be completed by the Qingming Festival at the latest.




Ten miles of spring breeze, ten miles of spring light

This is the unique luxury and romance of spring

"Find a place with beautiful scenery, go for a walk and enjoy flowers"

Fang does not live up to this wonderful spring

Just an epidemic this year

Stumbled everyone out of the footsteps

Although everything is going in a good direction

But we still can't take it lightly

Send kites, worship ancestors, and even play egg-laying games with your family at home.

We all need to protect ourselves and others,Wear a mask






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