Soap, facial mask, shampoo, life everywhere is bentonite!

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2024-01-29 09:38


Soap, facial mask, shampoo, life everywhere is bentonite!


Bentonite has the characteristics of hygroscopicity, water swelling, suspension, dispersion, stability, thixotropy, water dispersion, thickening and non-toxicity, and has both scientific and cosmetic effects. It is an important raw material for daily chemical products.


1. Soap, soap, liquid soap


The bentonite after purification, modification, modification, composite and other processes into inorganic mineral gel, soap, soap is an important additive. Adding 4% mineral gel to each ton of soap can save 344kg of mixed oil, I .e. 1kg of mineral gel can save 8.6kg of mixed oil. The social and enterprise benefits are very considerable, which is of practical significance to ease the oil tension and reduce the production cost in our country. The mineral gel can also be used in liquid soap, and the dosage of 1% works well.



2. Washing powder


Adding bentonite mineral gel to the washing powder, the washing effect will be significantly improved, and has a good softening effect. NaA zeolite synthesized with bentonite has high ion exchange capacity, can replace sodium tripolyphosphate which is harmful to water quality, and has no environmental pollution. It is an ideal detergent builder for washing powder.


3. Heavy grease detergent or paste detergent


After modification, calcium-based or calcium-sodium-based bentonite has strong detergency, and can reduce the amount of surfactant, STPP (sodium tripolyphosphate) and other additives, improve the stability and quality of the product, and reduce its production cost.


4. Inorganic fabric softener


Bentonite for liquid, solid washing products, mainly plays the role of fabric softener and thickening agent, can absorb dissolved impurities such as ions, while preventing the accumulation of fabric surface crust and dregs, with softening fabric, enhance the washing effect, while reducing production costs.


5. Shampoo


Adding modified and purified high-quality bentonite into the shampoo not only changes the thixotropy and viscosity of the shampoo, but also significantly enhances the washing effect, which has the effect of washing and protecting. In the process of shampooing, the viscosity of the shampoo at the moving place is lower than that at the moving place, and it is not easy to flow. It has a certain protective effect on the eyes and can prevent eye confusion.


In addition, bentonite also has the ability to neutralize calcium salts to avoid the formation of calcium deposits on the hair, while detoxification has a certain effect on chronic dermatitis and skin pruritus, as well as reducing dandruff and enhancing combing effect.


6. Toothpaste


Bentonite inorganic gel is non-toxic, thickening, lubricity, mainly used in toothpaste abrasives, with low cost, less stimulation pollution, stable performance and so on. When used as a gel, it can replace the thickener thixotropic agent for imported toothpaste-synthetic aluminum magnesium silicate.


The addition of bentonite gel in the production of toothpaste can make the paste of toothpaste dense and improve the thixotropic properties of toothpaste. At the same time, due to the unique adsorption of bentonite, spices and other fillers in toothpaste can well reflect this property.


In addition, bentonite gel can adsorb bacteria in the skin and mouth, thus playing a health care role that other organic gels do not have. The gel has good compatibility with other organic and inorganic salts dissolved in water in the paste, and can significantly improve the production efficiency of toothpaste.



7. Mask


Montmorillonite, the active ingredient in bentonite, has the ability to retain water, clean the skin, and absorb. Add in the mask water absorption is good, can absorb the face of excess grease dirt, adsorption of bacteria on the surface of the skin, increase viscosity, can make the suspended particles do not deposit, as well as the role of stable emulsification, so it is widely used in the mask.


8. Cleansing products


Due to the special reticular internal structure of bentonite, it has ion exchange capacity, adsorption, water retention and ability to clean the skin, and drug absorption and transdermal ability, which can effectively remove and adsorb the residual makeup and dirt impurities in the skin lines, and adsorb excess oil, exfoliate, and accelerate the shedding of old and dead cells. Therefore, bentonite is an excellent filler in cleansing products.


9. Lotion


Bentonite special network structure can make a lot of free water into bound water in order to improve its viscosity, lotion often add the right amount of organic and inorganic glue to improve the stability of the emulsion, high purity modified bentonite in aqueous solution can form non Newtonian liquid type of thixotropic gel, is the ideal emulsion stabilizer in cosmetics.


10. Concealer Products



Bentonite white carbon black, namely hydrated silica, is a fine powder or ultrafine particles of silica, commonly used in sunscreen, foundation, makeup cream, isolated concealer products, has a good concealer whitening effect, has a certain waterproof ability in sunscreen products.


With the continuous development of science and technology and the promotion of the concept of natural and healthy life, the application and development technology of bentonite in daily chemical products will become more and more mature, and its prospect is worth looking forward.


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