April Fool's Day New Skills get√

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April Fool's Day New Skills get√




April Fool's Day


April Fools' Day






The Qingming Festival holiday is coming soon.

Some people are counting April Fool's Day with their fingers.

It is rare that one day can be unscrupulous

How can you miss someone's joke?




Think about the past years is really difficult to prevent!

Very not easy to be male god confessed,

Just ready to throw

As a result, the male god wished me a happy April fool's day...


This year for the counter attack!

Purposely collect all kinds of moves! Let everyone get √

Only for everyone to learn! Have a good time ~



Desktop ah! Seal it!


When the classmate left, press the print key to take a screenshot of his computer desktop and set it as the desktop. Then move all the files originally on the desktop to a folder on a disk, so that the desktop looks the same as usual.


The trick effect: the other side came back after the crazy point of the mouse. However, there was no response. The problem continued to exist. And then absolutely freak out.



Mouse failure!


Seal the mouse with adhesive tape and look at the way he (she) can't move the mouse. It's really dark and cool! Can be used for office leaders, so that leaders can't assign work?Ha ha ha ~




cling film and toilet with more oh!


Seal the toilet while your friend is away, and when he wants to go to the toilet, hey hey hey... As a friendly reminder, squatting toilets can also be used. It is better to have no lighting at night ~


The trick effect: this is to clean up the rhythm of a pile of flying ~ it is no longer possible to play happily ~




You can imagine the horror of this man!


A long-lasting toothpaste!


Carefully take apart the sandwich biscuits, then squeeze some toothpaste into it, and then carefully close it. Be sure to make it look like it! Next, you just need to sit on the sofa and watch TV leisurely, find some normal sandwich biscuits and eat biscuits while watching TV.


When friends come, take out our special toothpaste sandwich biscuits and share them with a natural look ~ in order to strengthen the effect, you can send a cup of plain boiled water after eating it to strengthen the effect of foaming at the mouth.




Mysterious Gift Guide



You can make a little joke like this with the Goddess once in a while.

The goddess will fall in love with you more, don't believe you try.



Simple and crude, props only need a black garbage bag





I still want to advise you to have a look and have fun..

Don't imitate at will..


After reading these moves

For the coming of April Fool's Day

Do you have any ideas of your own

Do you feel like a fool king ~



However, Xiao Bian still wants to remind everyone

Let's be happy

Prevention is also important.

After all, it makes sense that joy begets sorrow.

Could it be that one second ago I was laughing at someone else's trick?

The next second I found myself miserable



But when it comes to the saddest

It is when you are fully prepared to prevent being caught.

Only to find that no one wants to punish himself · · ·


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