Yuan Lei Small Classroom | Selection of Latex Paint Formula Filler (Part II)

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Yuan Lei Small Classroom | Selection of Latex Paint Formula Filler (Part II)


Then the last soft article, we next talk about latex paint on the requirements of the technical indicators of the filler, as well as the role of latex paint functional filler.

Index control of packing



     Filler varieties, specifications are many, relatively chaotic, choose high-quality, stable products to ensure the quality of latex coatings.The indicators that should be considered for the use of fillers for latex paint:Purity, whiteness, particle size, 325 mesh sieve residue, PH value, oil absorption.


     Purity is one of the most important indicators of the product, and functional fillers are particularly important.High quality talcum powder can improve the construction performance and leveling of latex paint;High purity wollastonite can greatly enhance the strength of the film;Flaky sericite is laminated in the coating film to improve the strength and water resistance of the paint film, and has a unique UV shielding function to improve the weather resistance of the paint.The filler of talcum powder and wollastonite is approved by SiO2 index, and the higher the SiO2 content, the purer the product;The filler of aluminum silicate such as sericite and kaolin is approved by the index of SiO2 and Al2O3;The calcium carbonate was approved by CaCO3 content.


     In addition, whiteness is also one of the basis for the selection of fillers, which is particularly important for heavy calcium, light calcium, kaolin and other fillers that use dry hiding power effects;At the same time, the hue of the filler should be considered, and the blue hue is the best.


     In the market, the particle size is generally determined by the number of eyes. This method is not very scientific. At the same time, some manufacturers charge high mesh products with low mesh number. Generally, it is recommended that customers ask suppliers to give particle size distribution maps when selecting raw material products, and it is more valuable to determine the median particle size.


     The choice of functional fillers must also understand the production process of the product, such as coal burning, electric burning process produced by the calcined kaolin product performance difference is very large, the use of dry, wet process produced by the sericite product performance difference is also very large.When customers choose fillers, they must strengthen the understanding of the manufacturers and control the batch stability of raw materials. At the same time, it is recommended not to replace the product specifications and manufacturers at will.


Functionalization of fillers for latex paints



     With the continuous improvement of the research and development level of latex paint, consumers have higher requirements for product functions. The high performance and multi-function of latex paint have become the development direction of the paint industry.Such as interior wall latex paint environmental protection non-toxic, antibacterial mildew;The aging resistance and self-cleaning function of exterior wall coatings.The traditional filler plays the role of skeleton support in the coating, and has little effect on improving the function of the coating.In recent years, some latex paint manufacturers at home and abroad have begun to study some functional fillers to improve or give new functions to the coating.


     Functional filler because of its chemical composition, crystal structure differences, the processing technology is different from the application technology, through the improvement of processing technology, the characteristics of the filler to improve or give latex paint new functions.The main representative of the diatom mud on the absorption of harmful substances such as formaldehyde;The contribution of flaky sericite to the weatherability of the film;Adsorbing fillers improve the storage stability of the coating.




    Latex paint products are developing rapidly, but the competition is also increasingly fierce, how to remain invincible in the market?Quality, cost is the only eternal theme.The cost and quality of coatings are closely related to the choice of raw materials. We should not only pay attention to emulsion, titanium dioxide and additives, but also strengthen the selection and control of fillers.filler accounted for latex paint composition of 20% ~ 40%, high quality, stable filler is latex paint quality assurance, quanzhou city xufeng powder material limited company dedicated service for you, welcome to inquire.

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