The 9th Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition, the "good start" of Yuanlei Powder"

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2024-01-29 09:38


The 9th Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition, the "good start" of Yuanlei Powder"



On May 11, the 9th Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition ended successfully. In this 3-day event, Yuanlei powder is full of harvest. On the first day of the exhibition, the flow of people passed 10,000, which is an affirmation of the strength of Yuanlei powder, and it is alsoyuanlei powderThe new opportunity.




So what is the reason for the source of Lei powder in the exhibition stand out?


First the quality.


In 2018, Yuanlei powder won the honor of "the best model enterprise in China's powder industry" and "well-known brand in China's barium sulfate industry". Over the years, Yuanlei powder has always been the top priority in quality. In the series of products, barium content is ahead of peer enterprises, and specific surface area, average particle size, specific gravity, whiteness and oil absorption are controlled throughout the process. Because Yuanlei powder sets quality as the fundamental principle for purchasing raw materials and producing products, Yuanlei powder has always firmly believed that only by using high-quality raw materials can high-quality products be produced. It is also this almost persistent insistence that Yuanlei powder has been recognized by the majority of enterprises.




Followed by a good market reputation


This comes from the corporate philosophy of Yuanlei Powder. Yuanlei Powder attaches great importance to integrity management and has been implementing a standardized, standardized and informatized corporate management system. It is also an important foundation for the survival and development of enterprises in the fierce market. "The strongest backing for the production of paint enterprises" Our vision is to contribute to the environmental protection and safe production of paint enterprises. The signing of an order fully proves our strength. We are willing to achieve a win-win situation with our customers through our ideals and creations. A source Lei powder responsible person said in an interview with the media.




General Manager of "Painting Business Situation" from Europe and America to Yuanlei Booth




The Hc Network VisitsYuan Lei Booth



In this exhibition, Yuanlei powder can be said to have returned with a full load, which is also a good start for the 2019. In the face of increased demand from enterprises and increasingly competitive markets,yuanlei powderGeneral Manager Zhou Li said that in 2019, product quality is still the core direction of Yuanlei powder. Winning quality and improving service is the future development trend. In 2019, Yuanlei Powder will be committed to building an environmentally friendly green industrial chain and buildingyuanlei powderUnique market ecological closed loop.



"Gathering power, wisdom and win-win" to create the first brand in the powder industry! This isyuanlei powderThe vision. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and nowyuanlei powderIt is moving forward step by step to realize its vision.

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Different applications and specifications of washed kaolin and calcined kaolin


Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, which is a kind of clay and clay rock mainly composed of kaolinite clay minerals. Because it is white and delicate, also known as white earth. It is named after Gaoling Village, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.

Source Lei gas barium sulfate ten uses


Barium sulfate is based on barite as the main raw material, through beneficiation, ore washing, crushing and other processes. Barium sulfate has a hardness of 3~3.5 (Mohs) and a specific gravity of 4.3~4.7. It has the characteristics of high specific gravity, low hardness and brittleness. Barite is almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acid, soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid. With the development of some high-performance barium sulfate products, the application field of barium sulfate is constantly expanding.