Labor Day, labor is glorious!

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Labor Day, labor is glorious!


For you,

Labor Day"Meaning?



 A: "Wow, it's good to have a holiday again!"

B: "Salute to the hard-working workers!"

C: "There are many discounts and you can buy them in buy buy"

D: "Another year of farming is busy"





May 1 International Labor Day

(International Workers' Day)

Also known as "International Day of Demonstrations"

In order to commemorate the workers wonLegitimate rights and interests

are the working people of the worldjointly ownedthe festival


 1886On May 1,

to improve working conditions,

The implementation of the eight-hour work system,

American workers staged demonstrations;


1889In July,

Second International in Paris,

Every year on May 1st,

International Labor Day ";


1920On May 1,

On the streets of major industrial cities,

the masses of workers marched and assembled,

This is the first Labor Day in Chinese history.



Without this movement,

Late at night in the office building, on the construction site,

Busy figure, everywhere,

More will not have a good holiday...



For many people

"May Day" is a holiday,

But there are some people

This is the real Labor Day"


As the saying goes:

"The earth doesn't explode, they don't take holidays.

   The universe does not restart, they do not rest"

Always stay at your post,

Work hard and serve others


He/she isPeople's Police

Be prepared for every holiday.

due diligence

For the long-term stability of the country



He/she isDoctor/Nurse

Work day and night


For the safety of people's lives



He/she isDelivery Clerk

Work hard as always

Stick to your post

In order to solve people's travel problems



He/she isService personnel

The more activities during the festive season

Pay silently

In order to satisfy people better entertainment activities



He/she isfarmers

Labor Day comes at a time of busy farming

hard work

To satisfy people's stomachs.



"Labor is the most glorious"

It is a slogan

There is a deep mind

Rooted in the bottom of my heart


yuanlei powder

To allhard-working workers

WithThe highest respect!

~Thank you ~

Glory, Labor Day, she is, laborer, people, every time, labor, May, workers

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