Youth Day: To Youth

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2024-01-29 09:37


Youth Day: To Youth




Ba Jin once said:"No man gets old by living a few more years, but only by giving up his ideals.


Youth is not far away, leaving half a life to return is still a teenager.


This year's Youth Day is

Monday 4 May 2020

Lunar New Year, April 12

It is also the 101 anniversary of the May 4th Movement.

looking back on more than 54 years,

Let us pay tribute to the power of youth.



What will the world be like in the future?
Maybe it's more inclusive, maybe it's sharper
Maybe it's more complicated, maybe it's simpler

But I'm convinced
Young, is always a state of mind
Not age, not environment
It's only about how you live
How to Find the Truth of LifeI hope you do 80 years old youth
Not an eighteen-year-old man.



May you have an uncompromising view of life
To shape their own Pentium

Youth is the most beautiful, the most touching

It's the same in any era

Youth is not wasted every morning

Youth is to cherish every encounter

Youth is brave, is fearless



Is your dream not disappointed
Created this steaming world

Youth is not a period of life,

It is a state of mind.

Every youth is a limited edition,

Have you found your unique mission?



When you feel alone, believe:

Ancient sages are lonely,

If you want to make something, you must give up something,

When you are brave to be yourself,

Even in the lonely desert,

Still can bloom the most beautiful fireworks.

Youth is the ideal we have been working,

Youth is the deepest unyielding will of life,

Youth is an indomitable positive attitude......

The years are not old, the youth is immortal










Youth refueling!

Every day now,

The youngest day of the rest of my life.

As of today,

Come to an agreement with youth,

Be an ordinary warm, unique yourself.

I wish you a dream for a horse,Everywhere you can live!




Youth, perhaps, oneself, loneliness, how, youth day, life, something, when you

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