Beginning of summer: I don't think spring is gone, but summer begins in an instant.

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Beginning of summer: I don't think spring is gone, but summer begins in an instant.




  In the last second, I was still intoxicated in the warm spring breeze, lamenting the fragrance of birds and flowers in spring, the colorful spring flowers, the clear and bright spring water, and the green of spring grass......

  But in the twinkling of an eye has passed away the summer solstice, all things grow wantonly, all eyes area passionate lifeThe breath.




Falling flowers go with spring, and lingering fragrance comes with summer.



This year's summer time is

6 May 2020DayTuesday

Lunar New Year April 14


Heaven and earth begin to meet, and all things show together.

The summer heat is approaching and thunderstorms are on the rise.

Suddenly the beginning of summer, the rain fell into flowers




Lixia, April Festival.

Li Zi Xie See Spring.Summer, fake also.

Everything is fake at this time.

-- "Moon Order Seventy-two Hou Jiji Solution"


Dou refers to the southeast, Wei is the beginning of summer.

All things have grown up at this point, hence the name long summer

The 7th solar term of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar

The first solar term of summer

Said to say goodbye to spring

The beginning of summer




In the blink of an eye, spring is waning

The smell of the wind has changed, the hue of the night has changed

The sound also began to have a strange flavor.

So it turned into early summer.

-- Haruki Murakami "Dance, Dance, Dance"




The new lotus is bright green,The back garden is beginning to grow




The green plum on the branches is still small, and the fish swim in the pond.




Lotus leaves green, bamboo leaves floating

Green plum exquisite, fish play

Half the city wind and rain, frogs call cicadas

In the early summer of youth

All kinds of beautiful pieces

It became a picture.

A picture of a hot summer day




· Three Waiting for Lixia ·


First wait: worm singing

Grydids, Gryls, also

InwarmIn the grass


And as it sings tirelessly

The taste of summer is strong



Second Hou: Earthworms

Summer rain moistens and nurtures all things.

Earthworms are out-and-out yin

Hot flashes in soil and extremely high yang

After a winter's hibernation

At the moment, I can't hold back my breathable heart.



Third Hou: Wang Guasheng

Wang Gua was born in the sparse forest on the hillside

or in the middle of a thicket

genus perennial herbaceous vine

Lixia season

The sun shines, the wind and rain in all directions

Give it the strength to climb fast and grow

April seedlings spread, yellow flowers in May

6. in July will produce red melons



· Spring ·


helpless spring also go

And will be cherry bamboo shoots spring return


area of Jiangsu and Zhejiang

People are far away because of the beautiful spring scenery

It is rather sad to cherish spring

Therefore, preparing wine and food is Huan

It's like sending someone away, named Chun



· Yingxia ·


The head of summer, the last spring

"Summer" of "Long Summer"

It means "big."

means plants sown in spring

Has grown upright

Ancient on this day in the beginning of summer

The emperor will lead civil and military officials to the southern suburbs of the capital to welcome the summer.

Holding a Summer Ceremony



The monarch and minister are all dressed in Zhu color dress, with Zhu color Yu Pei

Even horses and flags should be scarlet.

In order to express the harvest of prayer and good wishes

In the palace, "the beginning of summer opens ice every day, and the minister of civil and military affairs is given"

The ice was stored last winter and given to the officials by the emperor.



· Try new ·


Lixia also has festivals such as tasting new ones.

Such as Suzhou has"See San Xin at the beginning of summer"The Proverb

Three newCherry, plum, wheat,Used for ancestor worship

In Changshu, tasting new food is more abundant.

There is a saying of "nine meat and thirteen vegetables"

In Nantong, you eat boiled chicken and duck eggs.




· Scales ·


Quiet and peaceful, happy life

Long summer has lunch and the custom of weighing people.

Hang a large wooden scale at the entrance of the village or in the gate.

Everyone took turns to sit on the stool and scale the man.

The siwean weighed flowers while speaking auspicious words.

Scale old man:

"The scale took eighty-seven and lived to be ninety-one".

The scale girl:

"One hundred and five catties, the foreign family to find you.

Don't be willing, don't be partial, don't be willing, the number one scholar childe is predestined."

Scale Child:

"Weighing scales spend a dozen twenty-three, small officers will grow up out of the mountain.

Seven-product county officials don't make trouble, three public nine qing also good climb ".



Small fan leads to cool, long summer

Accustomed to the colorful spring

Do you think there is only one color in summer?

If the flowers of spring are charming

So...Summer fruit is attractive



Green plum boiled wine



Loquat Manlin



Zhu Yingchun



Darkness of Sophora incense



Rose to welcome the summer



New wheat fragrance



Red bayberry



Litchi Glittering



Glass leaf bottom gold cluster, loquat forest

Green plums are fat in the rain, green plums are boiled in the rain.

Snow skin is cold in the afternoon and summer, litchi is white

The color is deeper than that of Hunan litle, and the red bayberry is ripe.


Summer color is not monotonous

The summer wind is sweet



At four o'clock, the weather is pushing

One night, the wind brings the heat.

The willow falls and the cuckoo cries at night.

Peony stick, cherry red ripe

Spring is going on a magnificent curtain call

Winter goes to spring, cold comes and summer goes

Wave goodbye to the apricot blossom spring rain

beckoning to greet the luxuriant branches of summer


Summer, long time no see

Spring, see you later



May all your troubles,

All will go with the wind,

The feeling of happiness like summer flowers diffuse.


Wish you

Lucky one "summer"

A happy "summer"

A "healthy summer"

Easy a "summer"

the most importantHappiness is more than a "summer"!


Gone, long summer, summer, spring, green plum, everything, summer, taste new, April, grow up

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