Mother's Day | There is a person who spends his whole life loving you

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2024-01-29 09:37


Mother's Day | There is a person who spends his whole life loving you



There is such a love,

Such as the sea tolerance, such as water gentle,

Born with a steady stream.

No return, no conditions,

Willing to pay a lifetime!



There areSo a person,

No matter where you are,

She cares about you all the time.

Whether you succeed or not,

She will treat you like a treasure.



We are busy for life,

Others only care about us,

How much money you make, how high your position is,

How big the house is and what brand the car is.

Only mother, who cares about us,

eat enough, dress warm,

Live hard not bitter, work tired not tired!



ThisIn a lifetime,

The most expensive house we 've ever lived in,

Mother's stomach.

That's the rent we can't pay for the rest of our lives.

Best meal we 've ever had,

is mother's milk,

That's the kind of nutrition we'll never buy in our lifetime.

We owe it to her,

It's a debt you can't afford in a few lifetimes!



The most powerful person in the world is my mother,

She is not afraid of the dark, not afraid of tired, not afraid of bitter,

Three meals a day, a sumptuous meal,

Clothes, shoes and socks are clean.

From morning till night, tireless,

From home to work, everything is taken care!



Once she was a squeamish girl,

Once she was a fragile girl,

What makes her so powerful,

Not time, not work,

But children, love and home!

We grow up day by day, but she grows old day by day.

The corners of the eyes were wrinkled, the black hair became white,

The hands are no longer delicate, the skin is no longer smooth,

The taste of the food, more and more light,

The pace of walking is getting slower.



Mom's a beauty,

Time, please be kind to her,

Don't let her age too fast,

I haven't hugged her properly yet,

Don't let her go too far,

I also want to good filial piety her.



Mom, you raise me young, I raise you old,

Just like you love me without reservation,

I will listen to you and go home more,

Accompany you to chat, eat your cooking,

I also want to say to you:

Mom, I love you!



The most painful thing in the world is:

We got a house, we got a car, we got money,

There is no mother!

With a mother, there's still a place to go in life,

Without mom, life is just drifting.

How many people want to be filial, but mother is gone,

How many people buy gifts, but my mother can't receive them!



While my mother is still here, while my mother is not old,

Take a look at her, take a walk,

Accompany her to chat, to talk,

Don't let mom face loneliness,

Don't give yourself regret!



Mother's Day is here,

Yuanlei powder wishes all mothers in the world,

Happy holidays, always smile,
Health and longevity, peace and happiness!

Love you, mom, we, that is, life, don't let, mother's day, then, chat, food

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