International Nurses Day | This spring, thank you, warm me

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International Nurses Day | This spring, thank you, warm me




I would like to swear before God and the public that I will serve purely and faithfully all my life, not to take or use harmful drugs for any harm or harm, to do my best to increase my professional level, to keep secret all personal matters and all household chores known and heard in my service, to act faithfully to encourage doctors, and to pay attention to the happiness granted to caregivers.

The Nightingale Oath


Ordinary AngelG.E.M. Deng Ziqi-Ordinary Angel




May 12, International Nurses Day, dedicated to the most beautiful you


AnnuallyMay 12 is International Nurses Day. The festival was established in 1912 to commemorate the founder of modern nursing, Lawrence Nightingale. The basic purpose of the establishment of the International Nurses Day is to advocate, inherit and carry forward Nightingale's humanitarian spirit of defying hardships and dangers, willing to contribute, saving the dead and helping the wounded, and daring to dedicate.


Learn about Nurses Day


1854Between 2004 and 1856, the Anglo-French coalition forces fought fierce battles with Russia. Nightingale, a nurse director in a British hospital, led 38 nurses to the front line to take part in the work of nursing the sick and wounded. Due to the confusion of medical management at that time, the quality of care was very poor, and the mortality rate of the wounded and sick was as high as 42%. Under such circumstances, Nightingale was determined to improve the sanitary conditions in the ward and to strengthen the care and nutrition of the patients. Six months later, the hospital mortality rate had dropped to 2.2 percent. This story spread throughout Europe. In 1860, she founded the world's first formal nursing school in London, England. Her nurse work monograph, became the hospital management, nurse education basic teaching material. In view of the fact that Nightingale has promoted the development of nursing work and nurse education around the world, he is known as the "founder of modern nursing".














1912In 2003, the International Council of Nurses designated May 12, the birth day of Nightingale, as the International Nurses' Day, aiming to encourage nurses to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of nursing, treat every patient with "love, patience, care and responsibility" and do a good job in nursing. Originally called "Hospital Day", also known as "Nightingale Day", it is called "International Nurses Day" in China ". On this day, vigorously promoting nursing work and encouraging nurses to learn the humanitarian spirit of saving lives and healing the wounded has become a grand event in the nursing community all over the world.





in this special period

Countless retrograde angels in white

Let us believe

The warmth of the world

"Nurses are angels without wings, the embodiment of truth, goodness and beauty.



In 2020, the new crown is raging, and in just a few months,

This year, people experienced the worst winter in history,

The angels in white, in armor,

Incarnate warriors, retrograde,

I can't see the enemy,

There is no smoke of war "epidemic,

is that they use their lives to save lives,

Warm the heart with the heart,

Build a solid line of life defense.


This year, global nurses with practical action,

carrying forward the nightingale spirit,

This is what an angel looks like!


The most beautiful angel in the world

This year's 5.12 Nurses Day

More than in previous years.


Tribute Battle Angel

Tribute to the Most Beautiful Rebels


Yuanlei Powder Extend to Front-line Medical Workers

The most sincere respect

"Thanksgiving Nurses Day"


You who fought day and night

Hold on to the heart

Because it's "worth it"


A life worth saving.

Life is worth singing

You deserve to be called

Angels who bring hope to people

You deserve to be true and pure.

Respect and thanks





The nurses are the thousand-handed Guanyin in the hospital.

injection,Drug delivery

Draw blood,Rescue




Meticulous treatment of patients

Always give them the greatest encouragement.

Although the nursing work is complicated, complicated and disorderly

But seeing patients in recovery

The heart will be very warm

Selfless dedication of nurses

Resist the disease with love and persistence with the patients





Once the spring

They are also a mountain flower

They are also pretty eyes

When the rainbow falls for him

When fading green

When a white body, flowers like lotus

Eyes of the sea of stars

They incarnate the angel of love

Source Lei powder in this wish

Half of his life back,every effort.

All can be placed


Bless you.

The most beautiful angel

May you be happy and well






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