"Xiao Man" and "520" = Xiao Man is not full, love is full

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"Xiao Man" and "520" = Xiao Man is not full, love is full


Some people say: the state of satisfaction is just right


The state of happiness is a little more than just right



This state is probablySmall fullCome on ~


Surplus but not full of small indeed fortunately, meet life big beautiful


In this exciting day,


Light a comfortable light, listen to a song


Make a pot of tea and talk about the future with the people you like.


Will be full, this is probably the best state of happiness



520 is a good time to tell your lover about your feelings.


In the soft lighting scene, say some sweet words


Small full not full, love is full


This may be the small thing in our lives.


Xiao Man is the most beautiful time in early summer,


There is the summer heat, there are wheat ears gradually full,


The feeling of time, more happy life expectations


When Xiao Man meets 520, his heart is full of romance.


Again the dark space, also because met you, and become colorful!






Mo Yan said:"The thing in the world, the most taboo is a perfect, you see the moon in the sky, once complete, immediately will lose tired;The fruit of the tree, once ripe, will soon fall.Everything must always be slightly lacking in order to be persistent.

There is also a supreme state in Chinese painting, called "leaving blank", which appropriately reveals the Chinese philosophy of life:Life needs to be left blank, small full is the best state of life.


-- May everyone get a little full.



Xia YuheChen Peiting-Guzheng Song


Qingming in the flower season,Rainy season small full


This year's small full time is

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Lunar New Year April 28



In mid-April, the little man

As for this small thing, it is full.

-- "Moon Order Seventy-two Hou Jiji Solution"


Xiao Man is one of the 24 solar terms.

The second solar term of summer

The grain of the crop began to fill full

Immature, just full, not yet full



Some people say: meetThe state is just right

The state of happiness is a little more than just right


Xiao Man is a time of drunk beauty in early summer.

It is also the most intelligent solar term

Small full of things, wheat growing fast

The earth has many colors, green, yellow, green, white and red



New hope

Always realized in hard work

Small full means the harvest is coming

Northern crops are full in summer

southern summer harvest summer species

Everything is small full

People are full of satisfaction.





Small full small full, wheat grain gradually full



The green plantain. red cherry



Shade grass wins incense



Long summer since then, the vegetation is deep and wide



Move three cars, may the water flow


Figure | Vision China


The bitter herbs are long, and the world is a granary.



Sacrificing silkworm gods, touching beauty is heaven



· Xiao Man San Hou ·


The nightingale cries the green willow, the bright moon wakes up the sky.

Favorite ridge head wheat, wind smile fall red

Everything sometimes

Every season has its own scenery.

Xiao Man San Hou, tell her for you

Xia Jingrui and Butterfly Dance




The First Waiting Sowthistle Show


Spring breeze blows, bitter vegetables grow

The desert wilderness is a granary

"Bitter Vegetable Show" on the Day of Little Man"

Sachet, Perennial Asteraceae

Spring and summer bloom,edible when tender

The sun is rising and the breeze is getting drier.

It gives off a smell of summer




The second waiting for the grass to die


Where things feel yang and live, they are strong and stand

Those who feel yin and live, are soft and weak.

The so-called slay grass

Then to the Yin born also, so do not beat the sun and die.

In the world of summer

Can't find its place

Silent leaving is its fulfillment




SectionThree Waiting for Mai Qiu


"Moon Order": Mai Qiuzhi, in April

Little summer to, in May

Xiao Man is the middle of April, so it is easy to do so.

Autumn, when the valleys are ripe

This time although summer

Yu Mai Ze Qiu, so Yun Mai Qiu also

Wind Blows Wheat Waves Green Fading Yellow

The fields are scented with wheat

This is the most charming taste of summer



· Small full custom ·


Life needs a sense of ritual

Autumn line summer season, said pro-road hot

Xiao Man String Music Spectrum, How Many Xia He Wish

Looking forward to it.



Sacrifice to the Car God


Water is the source of all things

In summer, it is sometimes hot

From time to time, the storm

Two car god, is a white dragon

Worship contains people's awe of natural forces

A glass of white water poured into the field

Pray for the current water inkstone surge



Worship silkworm


Men's plowing and women's weaving are ancient

The raw material of female weaving is mainly cotton in the north.

The south is dominated by silkworm theory

Legend has it that Xiao Man is the birthday of the silkworm god

Zhejiang area retained so far

Spring silkworm to the dead silk square

Praying for silkworms is the thanks of people for their dedication.



Small full season

Summer rain Qi cold, hot

All things flourish and grow vigorously

Nutrients consumed

Most of the 24 solar terms in the four seasons

Pay attention to clearing away heat and dampness, and adjust mood

May you be well, Cheyenne.



The flowers are half open, and the wine is slightly drunk.

There's a lot of fun in this. If to rotten

It becomes a bad place. Those who are full of shoes should think about it.

-- "vegetable root tan"


Small full of the word, although for solar terms

But when used as a metaphor for life, it is also ingenious.

The ancients cloud:

A gentleman would rather live in all

It's better to be short of everything.

When the water is full, it overflows, and when the moon is full, it loses.

This is the way of nature, life is the most wise.

Small full is the most lovely time of summer

Life is full of small enough




Take advantage of this good early summer, small full season

Stealing half a day's leisure

Listen to a song, brew a pot of tea

Write a paragraph of text, a book is clear and shallow

Let the days in the red green of summer

No arrogance or rashnessTo move forward indifferently

Check yourself, cultivate one's morality and cultivate one's character, so as to achieve small fullness.

Fang does not regret to leave this happy life.









Small full, state, life, summer, that is, time, not full, everything, happiness

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