Source Lei | Calcium Carbonate Series-Nano Calcium Carbonate

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Source Lei | Calcium Carbonate Series-Nano Calcium Carbonate


Classification: Calcium carbonate series

Chinese name:nano calcium carbonate

英文名称 :Nano Calcium carbonate
Molecular formula: CaCO
Molecular weight: 100.09 (according to the 1979 International Atomic Scale)
CAS No.: 471-34-1
EINECS号 :207-439-9

H.S. Coding: 2836500000

nano calcium carbonate



English Name: Nano Calcium Carbonate
PointsSubtype: CaCO3
PointsSub-quantity: 100.09 (Press1979 International Atomic Table)
C A S No:  471-34-1    
EINECS号: 207-439-9     
H.S. Encoding: 2836500000 
Performance: White powder .


Use:Widely used in various coatings, plastics, rubber, paint, ink paper, ceramics, batteries, enamel, cosmetics and other fields. Articles that can be used in contact with food.


Features:strengthening and toughening,It has the advantages of fine, uniform, high whiteness and good optical performance..


1. rubber industry


Scope of application:Natural rubber, styrene butadiene, mixed rubber, etc., suitable for tires, rubber hose, tape and other rubber products.


Application Features:After surface modification of nano calcium carbonate and rubber has good compatibility, with reinforcement, filling, color, improve processing.WorkThe performance of the art and products can make the rubber easy to mix and disperse, the gum is soft after mixing, and the rubber surface is smooth; it can improve the extensibility, tensile strength and tear strength of the products..


2. PlasticIndustry


Scope of application:PVCProfile, pipe; wire, cable sheath rubber particles,PVCFilm,Shoe manufacturing (PVC soles and decorative patches), etc. Suitable for engineering plastics modification,PP,PE,PA,PCWait.


Application Features:Because the surface of the active nano calcium carbonate is lipophilic and hydrophobic, and has good compatibility with the resin, it can effectively improve or adjust the rigidity, toughness, smoothness and bending strength of the product; improve the rheological properties and heat stability of the product with filling and strengthening, toughening effect, can replace some expensive fillers and aids, reduce the amount of resin.


3. PaintIndustry


Scope of application:Water-based coatings and oil-based coatings.


Application Features:CanImprove the adhesion of the coating, scrub resistance, stain resistance, improve the strength and surface finish, and has a good anti-settling effect. 


4. InkIndustry


Scope of application:Suitable for offset offset printing ink, gravure printing ink, etc.


Application Features:The use of nano calcium carbonate by the configuration of the ink, the body bone and viscosity is better, so it has good printing performance; good stability; dry fast and no opposite effect; because the particles are small, so the printing smooth, dot integrity, can improve the finish of the ink, suitable for high-speed printing.





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