Childlike innocence, source lei is sweet

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2024-01-29 09:37


Childlike innocence, source lei is sweet


 Every child is the most precious treasure in the hearts of parents. In Yuanlei, a large family, every employee is the child of the enterprise and also the most precious treasure. June 1 every year is Yuanlei's Childlike Innocence Festival,In this day full of childlike innocence, Yuanlei's little BABY and Dabei Nose guard the good times of childhood together and give themselves a colorful happy time.



running away for half his life,

Through wind and rain

The smell of childhood,

Still here

In the Yuan Lei family,

We return as teenagers.

Snacks, cakes, and gifts

Happiness comes too suddenly

Baby Yuan Lei who received the gift

Okay, hey, yo

Feel life has reached its climax

Feel like life has reached its peak

Business family double harvest

The big winners in life are none other than us.

Little pandas also come to the lively


Life must have a sense of ceremony, work must have a sense of responsibility, we toast


It's June 1, whether it's an innocent and lovely kid or a big basin friend with a childlike innocence,

Yuan lei powder once again wish everyone a happy holiday!



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Different applications and specifications of washed kaolin and calcined kaolin


Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, which is a kind of clay and clay rock mainly composed of kaolinite clay minerals. Because it is white and delicate, also known as white earth. It is named after Gaoling Village, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.

Source Lei gas barium sulfate ten uses


Barium sulfate is based on barite as the main raw material, through beneficiation, ore washing, crushing and other processes. Barium sulfate has a hardness of 3~3.5 (Mohs) and a specific gravity of 4.3~4.7. It has the characteristics of high specific gravity, low hardness and brittleness. Barite is almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acid, soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid. With the development of some high-performance barium sulfate products, the application field of barium sulfate is constantly expanding.