Yuanlei | Talc Powder Series-Talc Powder (Latex Paint Grade)

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2024-01-29 09:37


Yuanlei | Talc Powder Series-Talc Powder (Latex Paint Grade)


Talc powder (latex paint grade)






Performance:Talc is monoclinic. The crystals are pseudo-hexagonal or rhombohedral flakes, usually into dense massive, leaf-like, radial, fibrous aggregates. Hardness 1, specific gravity 2.65-2.75.

Talc has excellent physical and chemical properties such as lubricity, anti-adhesive, flow aid, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulation, high melting point, good hiding power, soft, good luster, strong adsorption, etc. Because the crystal structure of talc is layered, it has the tendency to split into scales and special lubricity.



Scope of application:


1. "YLFT" brand talcum powder is used to improve the processing performance of rubber, plastic, cable and resin such as die pressing, calendering, extrusion and injection, and can replace 10-15% of the more expensive (rubber) to reduce the cost of raw materials and provide its physical properties.



2. Widely used in white body pigment and all kinds of water-based, oil-based, resin industrial coatings, primers, protective paints, advanced paints, coatings, plastics, cables, rubber, cosmetics, copper plate paper coatings, textile lubricants, rubber fillers and rubber products anti-sticking agent, cable rubber reinforcing agent, cable isolation agent, but also used in all kinds of emollient powder, beauty powder, talcum powder and other industries. When applied to plastics, it can increase the transparency and strength of granulation, and when applied to papermaking, it can improve the gloss and inking of paper. It is especially suitable for PU, PE, NC and UV wood primers to improve transparency and increase the filling amount. Talc powder can also be used for white paint, solid matte paint or transparent colored paint in part to replace the price of expensive matting agent to improve the extinction, reduce the formulation cost, improve product construction performance.







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