Yuan Lei | Kaolin Series-Calcined Kaolin

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2024-01-29 09:37


Yuan Lei | Kaolin Series-Calcined Kaolin


calcined kaolin


Chinese name: calcined kaolin

English name: Calcined kaolin

Formula: Al₂ O₂ • 2 SiO₂ • 2H O2

Molecular weight: 258.16 (according to the 1979 International Atomic Scale)

CAS No.: 1332-58-7

EINECS号 :265-064-6

H.S. Coding: 2507001000

Performance:White powder.

Features:Due to the high purity of kaolinite and the extremely low content of harmful elements, not only the treatment process is simple, but also the whiteness of the product is high, and the average whiteness can reach93%, the highest whiteness can reach 97%, used in papermaking can improve the whiteness of coated paper, instead of part of titanium dioxide, can reduce costs. High viscosity concentration, up to 74%, good dispersionCovering rate is strong, and has good compatibility with natural and synthetic adhesives and other additives in the formula, which can make the coating have good rheological properties, especially suitable for coating machine with high solid content. The abrasion value is low, the material is heated evenly, and local over-burning will never occur. The tested abrasion value is only3.6mg/2000 times.

Use:Suitable for high-grade paint, paint, ink, rubber, plastic, wire and cable, etc.

1. Papermaking, coating can replace some expensive titanium dioxide.
       2. Paint, water-based latex coatings.
      3. Rubber and special cable reinforcing agent, industrial plastic functional filler, ink, food, medicine, cosmetics filler.

4. Advanced porcelain and special ceramic raw materials.

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