Father's Day | old boy, I love you

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2024-01-29 09:37


Father's Day | old boy, I love you


Everyone was a child.

Only few people remember

My father was a child too.

For the first half of his life, he lived himself.

The rest of my life, with you.

He's busy doing what he's supposed to do as an adult.

Always pretend to be strong

to bear the burden of age


He, too, had been ignorant and naive


Dad didn't grow up before

was also a child

He's carefree in the fields chasing the wind

He bathed in the sunshine in the river pond

He has his own playmate

Have their own personality, preferences

And love to eat things

It's just that he never talked about it in front of you.

Occasionally meet hair small

Only in the night you sleep

Through wine.

Secretly reminiscing


He, too, had been uprooted.



Also was a high-spirited teenager

He also had his own ideals and pursuits.

Backs on your back, thousands of miles away from home

Study in an unfamiliar city.

Growing up in an unfamiliar environment

Until she met another one in a sea of people

From then on there was love

With a home, there is responsibility.

You walk the road, he walked

You experience confusion, loss, loneliness and confusion

Now it's all deeply engraved

his forehead



He was also a father for the first time.


It was my first time being a father.

In front of the hospital delivery room

Hear your mother scream

Then I heard your voice

Until the first sight of you

When that blood-stained baby shows up

He was so excited

He doesn't even dare to hold you tight, for fear of hurting you.

Only clumsy and gentle you hold in your arms

It's like the most precious gem in the world.

Look at you

His eyes

More firm than gems


He's the worst fighter in the world.


Writer Li Chengpeng said

Chinese fathers are different from fathers all over the world.

They're not fathers covered in North American sunshine.

They were careful, for you

Hiding their own unbearable struggle

They work hard to earn money and shave their beards clean every day.

dressed in neat clothes

Let the children feel that the father is actually natural and unrestrained and romantic

What's more, it makes you unwilling,not lose to people

In his heart, if the child found his unbearable

Is the biggest unbearable in this life

I don't know when

He became the worst fighter in the world.

Because he's already a father.




Today is Father's Day

There are some words that I don't think I should say.

So I wrote you a letter

Why wouldn't I say

I'm a lot like my father.

old boy

I know, every time you call my name

Yes, let me see what you mean

I know, every time you put food in my bowl.

It means loving me

I know better,Life is only a lifetime

The fate of relatives only once

No matter how long together, how many barriers

In the next life, even if love or not love

Will never meet again

Old boy, I love you

You made me understand

The deepest love in the world need no words

but hand in hand

Never let go of the heart







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