Dream Set Sail Childlike Innocence Flying ~ Yuan Lei's First Childlike Innocence Festival

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2024-01-29 09:38


Dream Set Sail Childlike Innocence Flying ~ Yuan Lei's First Childlike Innocence Festival



The years are forever young

And we all go slowly

You will find that childlike innocenceNot vanished

is something to be proud

-- Hayao Miyazaki


source lei powder wish children happy children's day!



Today is "61" International Children's Day


Children's Day, belongs to every thriving baby


Also belongs to you I never devoid of childlike innocence




The children's shoes of Yuanlei powder put down the burden on their shoulders and regained their lost innocence.



keep childlike innocenceNot vanished,Leave the juvenile sincere, as interesting as possible


Use childlike innocence, sincerity, fun, to fight against all the boredom of the impetuous world



Always take our dream of Yuanlei and pursue the beauty of our life.


Come on, bloom our innocent smile



Childlike Innocence Festival, we want to cheer up!!!


To kiss, to hug, to lift high



This children's day also belongs to us



We need to get high


Cakes, sweets, snacks...




Yuan Lei has prepared a special gift for children of all sizes.



Everyone is Paige.



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Childlike innocence, we, Children's Day, belong to, sincere, interesting, childlike innocence, dream, up

Different applications and specifications of washed kaolin and calcined kaolin


Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, which is a kind of clay and clay rock mainly composed of kaolinite clay minerals. Because it is white and delicate, also known as white earth. It is named after Gaoling Village, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.

Source Lei gas barium sulfate ten uses


Barium sulfate is based on barite as the main raw material, through beneficiation, ore washing, crushing and other processes. Barium sulfate has a hardness of 3~3.5 (Mohs) and a specific gravity of 4.3~4.7. It has the characteristics of high specific gravity, low hardness and brittleness. Barite is almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acid, soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid. With the development of some high-performance barium sulfate products, the application field of barium sulfate is constantly expanding.