The summer solstice has arrived, all good as promised!

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2024-01-29 09:37


The summer solstice has arrived, all good as promised!



summer solstice

Sunday 21 June 2020

The first day of the fifth lunar month


Bamboo Branch Ci

Tang Yuxi Liu

Yangliuqing Qingjiang level, smell lang bank step song sound.

Sunrise in the east and rain in the west. The road is sunny but sunny.



The summer solstice,

The 10th solar term in the 24 solar terms.

The fourth solar term of summer,

When the sun reaches 90 ° of the yellow longitude,

The summer solstice has arrived, so leave it cool for a while.


"The day is north, the day is long,

The shadow of the sun is as short as the summer solstice.

To the person, very also."

The name of the summer solstice comes from this.




summer solstice

In the longest day, meet the everlasting


Sun North

The day is long and the shadow is short.

Therefore, the summer solstice

To the person, extremely also

-- "compliance with the Constitution"


On the summer solstice,

The position of the sun directly on the ground,

to the northernmost point of the year,

Almost straight into the Tropic of support.

At the same time,The night sky of the summer solstice,

will gradually become the summer starry sky,

The starry night,

Will follow our dreams safely.


A dream suddenly long summer.

This year,

Before you know it, it's half past.




summer solstice

In the rich rain, meet romantic


There must be three hours of rain in June,

Tian family thought ganze, yi in congratulation.

-- "Jing Chu at the age of"


The summer solstice is rainy and hot,

Chongyang no rain a winter sunny.

After the summer solstice,

Everything flourishes and needs rain to moisten.

Therefore, the summer solstice afternoon or evening,

There's often a thunderstorm,

Suddenly come and go.


This also coincides with the "plum rains season" in Jiangsu and Zhejiang ",

Jiangnan plum yellow season, rain can not be expected.




summer solstice

In the pleasant summer, reminiscing about childhood


Tall trees, large green shade,

Huge blades dance with the wind in the light and shadow again,

The dense birch forest,

With a seductive fragrance,

We covet......


I can't help but think of my childhood,

The summer heat, the sound of cicadas,

Grandma shook the cattail leaf fan and looked at the bright stars in the sky,

Tell stories together, guess riddles, eat watermelon,

And children's running frolic,

This scene, like yesterday.



on a summer night,

Enjoy the moonlight of the lotus pond, listen to the sound of cicadas and frogs,

How comfortable and unhurried.


Never going back to childhood,

is the most poetic confession,

Forever in the heart.




Three Waiting for Summer Solstice

Antler solution, cicada begins to sing, Pinellia ternata


One-time antler solution


Although moose and deer belong to the same family,

But the ancients thought,

One is Yin and the other is Yang,

Antlers are born forward, so they belong to Yang,

On the summer solstice, yin qi is born and yang qi begins to decline,

The positive antlers start to fall off,

However, the moose falls off at the winter solstice because it is cloudy.



Second Cicada Begin to Crow



In midsummer, the cicada, the cicada,

The male cicadas, after the summer solstice,

Because of the birth of Yin Qi, the wings are drumming.



Three-Hou Pinellia ternata


Pinellia ternata is a shade-happy herb,

Hot midsummer,

The harmony of yin and yang, all things are calm,

Yin-happy creatures are thriving,

Positive organisms begin to subside.



summer solstice custom

After eating summer solstice noodles, spend summer and avoid summer


Chinese folk have a saying:

"Winter Solstice Dumplings Summer Solstice Noodles",

Also said:

"After eating summer solstice noodles, one day is short".

The summer solstice has made its debut,

The summer solstice also has the meaning of tasting new noodles,


many places,

Simply eat noodles,

Even if it's a holiday.



On the summer solstice, when making rice dumplings with wheat, the first sacrifice will be paid.

-- "Wujiang County"


In addition to noodles, the Jiangnan region also eats "wheat dumplings",

And "wheat dumplings" as a gift, gift to each other,

The farmhouse also rolls out pancakes and bakes them,

With vegetables, pods, tofu, and bacon.

Eat after ancestor worship,or share it with relatives and friends,

The common word is "summer solstice cake",

To relieve cravings and pastime.



This is a good time for litchi,

Fresh lychees just picked from the trees,

It's the best to eat,

Rich in water, pink and tender,

Eat into the mouth, full of incense.


The ancients cloud:

"There is no harm in eating litchi in the summer solstice for a year."



There are places,

Give each other folding fans, powder and other things.

"Fan", in order to generate wind;

"Pink", smeared with it,

The turbid gas generated by the dispersion heat prevents prickly heat.

The ancient royal family took out ice for "winter and summer,

Come to "summer to avoid ambush".




Summer Solstice Health Preservation

Pay attention to replenish the body, calm and cool naturally


On the summer solstice, although the sun is strong,

But the yang is floating on the surface,

The internal organs of the body are the most empty,

Yin cold in the body, it is easy to cause disease.


So the Chinese would choose to make up for it on the summer solstice,

And use the strong yang to help the body,

Winter disease and summer treatment, to achieve a multiplier effect.



Eating Ginger for Yang Qi


The summer heat, most people loss of appetite,

And ginger is good for food digestion and absorption,

There are certain benefits for summer heat prevention,

Is the so-called "rice don't want to, eat ginger".



Eat bitter to raise the spirit


Summer solstice diet to clear heat,

For the purpose of increasing appetite,

So eat more bitter food,

Bitter vegetables, bitter gourd, celery, lettuce, etc,

All can clear the heat, refreshing.



Eat mung beans in moderation


the temperature gradually increased,

The amount of sweat produced by the body will also increase,

So drink some mung bean soup, light salt water,

Relieving summer heat and replenishing water.

But don't drink too much mung bean soup,

No more drinking water.

People who are cold and weak,

Also not suitable for drinking.



In the spirit should also pay attention to recuperation.

The book says:

Summer belongs to fire, corresponding to the heart of the five internal organs.

Therefore, the summer solstice focuses on nourishing the heart.


The summer heat,

often upsetting,

And vexed is hotter.

As the saying goes, "the heart is calm and naturally cool",

Look more at the surrounding green,

To calm the mood, eliminate the mind.





The summer solstice has arrived

All good, come as promised


People are bitter and hot, I love summer long.

Rolling red dust, half fireworks, half pure.

There is peace in the heart, then a cool summer.


The coming of the summer solstice,

It also means that the year is about halfway through.

To see through the floating life is more than half, and half of it is very useful,

Half of the time is spent in leisure, and half of the time is spent in dry kun.


May your six months of hard work pay off,

May your dreams of the beginning of the year reverberate,

May your future days,

There is a smile on the face and a light in the eyes.


The summer solstice has arrived,

May you meet something beautiful!



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