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Source Lei | Quartz Powder Series-Quartz Powder



quartz powder


English Name:Quartz powder
Molecular formulaSiO2
molecularQuantity:60.08 (1979 International Atomic Table)
C A S No: 7631-86-9    
Customs code: 25061000
Specifications:200 mesh,325 mesh,400 mesh,600 mesh,800 mesh,1250 mesh,2000 mesh.


   Performance: source lei brand quartz powder is aWhite amorphous powder, light weight。“YLFT"CardQuartzPowderIt is one of the most common and common siliceous mineral raw materials in nature. The main components areSio2, density2.65/cm3The Mohs hardness is7Crystallization is a hexagonal system or block and granular products. Appearance is colorless, white, green gray, etc.

Silica content in98. More than 5 said quartz stone, quartz has a higher refractory performance, melting point of 1730, silicon dioxide content in the following 98.5 said silica.


Field of use

Uses: glass and glass products, refractory materials, smelting ferrosilicon, gold flux, ceramics, abrasive materials, casting, cement and products, road marking and chemical industry, lawn sand, etc. Quartz building li has a strong acid and alkali resistance, used to make acid-resistant concrete and acid-resistant mortar, but also to do anti-corrosion coatings, fire prevention, waterproof coatings and so on.








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