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Yuan Lei | Transparent Powder Series-Li De Powder



Lit powder


English Name:lithopone


Molecular formula: ZnS • BaSO4


molecularQuantity:412.23 (1979 International Atomic Table)


C A S No: 1345-05-7


EINECS号: 215-715-5    


Customs Code:3206421000


Specifications: B301,B311.


Performance: Yuan Lei brand lithopone, also known as lithopone, is a white powder pigment, is a mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate.


Description of use


 "YLFT" brand lithopone, also known as lithopone, is a white powder, zinc sulfide and barium sulfate mixture. relative density4.136-4.39. Insoluble in waterIn case of acid, it is easy to decompose to produce hydrogen sulfide gas. It does not react with hydrogen sulfide and alkali. It has good heat resistance, can improve weather resistance, algae resistance, reduce cost and whiteness with excellent hiding power. It is easy to oxidize in the air and agglomerate after being affected with moisture. Whiteness, strong hiding power. The more zinc sulfide, the stronger the hiding power and the higher the quality. The precipitate obtained by the reaction of zinc sulfate and barium sulfide solution is filtered, dried and crushed, then calcined to red heat, poured into water and quenched. The hiding power is inferior to titanium white, and it is not resistant to concentrated sulfuric acid.


Application: Widely used as polyolefin, vinyl resin,ABS resin, polystyrene, polycarbonate, nylon and polyoxymethylene and other plastics andCoatings, paints, inks,Plastic,Rubber products, lacquered cloth, leather, paper, enamel, etc.


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