Dragon Boat Festival | Dragon Boat Festival, is a read Ankang

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Dragon Boat Festival | Dragon Boat Festival, is a read Ankang



Dragon Boat FestivalZhan Hao Chao-God of the Forest

Tiger charms wrap their arms, and Dragon Boat Festival

It's time to bathe in the orchid

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This year's Dragon Boat Festival time is

Thursday 25 June 2020

The fifth day of May in the Gengzi year of the lunar calendar


Dragon Boat Festival,Also known

Noon Festival, May Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Baolan Festival,

One of China's four major festivals,

It is also China's first non-heritage festival in the world.



Ai Xiang four seasons reincarnation, life forever forward.

Every year, there is a different feeling,

When I was a child, the Dragon Boat Festival was to eat zongzi and wear colorful ropes,

Growing up, the Dragon Boat Festival is missing and homecoming.

Time flows slowly, but the memory of the Dragon Boat Festival remains unchanged..



"Dragon Boat Festival" is the beginning of midsummer,

The ancients believed that on May 5,

For an unauspicious day is an evil day,

The weather is hot and dry, and insects and snakes breed.


So people put in calamus, wormwood leaves,

Aromatherapy atractylodes, angelica, drink realgar wine.

In the most solemn and warm way,

To avoid the five poisons, exorcise evil spirits and avoid disasters.

The ancestors used their wisdom,

Bless the future generations I peace!




Dragon Boat Festival, in the end to commemorate who?

When it comes to commemorating Qu Yuan of the State of Chu in the Spring and Autumn Period,

he could not bear to see the state of chu perish. on the fifth day of may,

he threw a rock into the miluo river and he himself was remembered by the people,

Gradually have the dragon boat race, the custom of eating zongzi.

It is also said that in memory of Wu Zixu and his filial daughter Cao E,

But neither is as popular as the legend of Qu Yuan.


No matter where the festival comes from and who it commemorates,

It's always the same people.

Yearning for a better life, kind and warm heart.



The years are in a hurry, and the Dragon Boat Festival customs have gone through thousands of years,

From dragon boat racing, shooting willows to polo,

Dou grass, picking herbs, hanging wormwood and calamus,

Mulan soup, hiding from the Dragon Boat Festival to eat zongzi,

Hang colorful lines, drink realgar wine......

Each one is carved into our memory.



When I was a child, I had to go to the Dragon Boat Festival.Wearing a colorful rope,

Mother will be red, yellow, blue, white, black five kinds of silk thread,

Woven into a rope, in the morning of the Dragon Boat Festival,

Let's put it on the wrist, ankle or neck.

Don't take it off after wearing it,

Be sure to wait for the first rain, or the first bath,

Only then can you cut it with scissors and throw it into the water.


Old people often say that the water is the cleanest,

She can take pestilence and disease away,

For them,Life needs a sense of ritual,

Life needs faith, only sincere pay and love,

Life will be more colorful.




Ai, calamus and garlic are known as the "three friends of the Dragon Boat Festival",

During the Dragon Boat Festival, it was near the summer solstice,

It's when the cold and the heat are changing,

You need wormwood, calamus and garlic to protect your home.

Ai of the Dragon Boat Festival, well-known,

A few plants of wormwood, which sucks the sun, hang on the lintel,

Not only can it drive away snakes, insects, mosquitoes and ants, but it can also refresh the mind,

The fragrance of wormwood is unique to the taste of the Dragon Boat Festival.




Dragon Boat Festival, not only to drink realgar wine,

You have to dip the door wall and bed bottom with calamus

Because realgar wine has the effect of sterilization, deworming and detoxifying the five poisons

People will also put wine on the child's forehead,

The ears, nose, hands and feet are intended to disinfect and prevent diseases.


Happy life is not how rich,

It is the true joy of the heart.

The meaning of the festival is not simply to pray for health,

But a clear heart, forever enthusiasm for life.




The Dragon Boat Festival must eat zongzi,

Zongzi, also known as "corn millet", "tube zongzi",

The entrance glutinous rice is sweet and the leaves are fragrant.

Time passed quietly, and the rice dumplings became more and more diverse,

Beijing jujube zongzi with many packets of jujube in the north;

In the south, there are bean paste, fresh meat, ham, egg yolk and other fillings.

Quietly ask, are you a sweet dumpling pie or a salty dumpling pie?




Dragon Boat Festival is a beautiful festival,

There are zongzi, wormwood fragrance,

There is the jubilation of the dragon boat race and the story of Qu Yuan,

There are five-color lines and wishes for a long life......

Let us in this traditional festival,

Think of the past and look to the future.




Dragon Boat Festival, is the taste of reunion.

The way home, no matter how hard and tired,

Whenever there's a chance,

Everyone wants to go back to their families.



Dragon Boat Festival, is the taste of missing.

To live and dream,

A lot of people can't get home,

The bitterness and helplessness, I understand,

As a stranger, I will bless you silently,

Everything goes well and the future is bright.



Dragon Boat Festival, is a thought of well-being,

No matter how many waves outside,

May you have Ai Xiang's long companion.

Take good care of yourself,

It is the best well-being.


I wish you good health and good luck in the Dragon Boat Festival,

Peace and happiness!







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