Today's Little Summer | At the Beginning of Summer, Everything Shows

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2024-01-29 09:37


Today's Little Summer | At the Beginning of Summer, Everything Shows


Over the summer solstice

Summer solar term sweating all the way
It symbolizes the official start of the summer season.


23:14 today

We will usherXiaoshuSolar terms


Folk known

"The heat is too hot to hide" the statement

It is a vivid portrayal of the little summer season.


There are three periods of summer heat.


Waiting for warm wind
After a little summer, the breeze is hard to find.
The earth seems to be stationary by the heat wave


Second Hou Cricket Ju Yu
The heat is unbearable
Crickets are leaving the field
hide in the corner of the courtyard
Looking for a rare shade


Three eagles start to fire
Ground air temperature is too high
The eagle flies high
Started in a cooler altitude
Explore new areas


In the summer season, everything grows wildly.

Southern early rice matures one after another

Many farmers braved the scorching heat

Harvesting early rice and planting late rice


Hot summer

Your tenderness

Is that bowl of porridge sweet water

It's also the towel that wiped my sweat.



Just like in the field.

To tide over the difficulties and look forward to a good year together.



Little Summer Custom


"Head Fu Dumpling Two Fu Noodles"

It won't be long before the summer heat will fall.
People have no appetite in the summer.
Often thinner than usual
The so-called bitter summer
And in traditional customs
Dumplings are just appetizing food
So there isEat dumplings on the summer daythe custom




Small summer heat health




"Little summer heat and big summer heat, steam up and boil down"
The heat is unbearable in the summer season.

Pay attention to timely replenishment

Light salt water, mung bean soup is also a good choice

Diet should clear heat and dispel summer heat

It is advisable to eat more lotus leaves, lentils,Coix seed

etc. porridge or soup

Eat more fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber and loofah

Ensuring adequate sleep

exercise properly



a sultry little summer day

Hot, humid

It's like being in a steamer

Inevitably upset and impatient

No quiet

at the beginning of midsummer

A bowl of light tea, two sitting opposite

Enjoy the wonderful summer together

Also don't have a taste

Time flies, suddenly this summer

Tomorrow, millions of students

Will usher in an important moment in life


Your hard work, day and night struggle

Will be the way to light your future

Come on! Sunshine boy!

May you hand in satisfactory answers for this summer.

Don't live up to your time, dream come true!





Today, the summer heat, season, you, summer, unbearable, dumplings, at the beginning, hot, it is

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