Source Lei | Coating Special Composite Powder Series-Coating Special Composite Powder

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2024-01-29 09:37


Source Lei | Coating Special Composite Powder Series-Coating Special Composite Powder


Special composite powder for coating


Performance:White powder, heat-resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosion



Features:The composite powder coating is uniform, quick-drying, good optical properties and strong thixotropic properties. Improve low temperature construction performance, control dripping and splashing. The surface of the composite powder is smooth and delicate after the film is formed, and the color is bright and the texture is good.


Increased coverage:The composite powder reduces the free volume between the pigment and the film in the coating, strengthens the binding force of the film-forming material and the fine synthetic powder filler, greatly improves the mechanical strength of the coating, reduces the capillary action, and thus improves the covering ability of the coating.


Improve stability:Due to the special flexibility of the composite powder, it can increase the adhesion of the coating. The special three-dimensional molecular structure has strong suspension stability, which improves the storage stability and opening effect of the coating, improves the adhesion resistance of the coating and improves the washing resistance.


Green environmental protection:Coating special composite powder using excellent ore and a variety of raw materials by scientific modification activation, ultra-fine processing synthesis, no need to debug, shorten the production process, improve the production capacity, reduce the waste of resources


Reduce product costs:The use of composite powder production of coatings, in improving product quality, grade at the same time can reduce the amount of expensive titanium dioxide, reduce the amount of binder and additives, the economic benefits are very significant. UseSupplementary filler, widely used in various coatings, latex paint, water-based environmental protection coatings, art coatings.









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