Today's summer heat is full of green trees and long summer days.

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2024-01-29 09:37


Today's summer heat is full of green trees and long summer days.



"In the summer heat, gold and gas are transported, but Jing Yang does not know autumn"



Summer official debut

This is also the last solar term of summer




Summer heat, heat also; The beginning of the month is small and the middle of the month is large.

The heat is in the "mid-fall" period.

The sultry heat is better than the summer heat.

The hottest time of the year is coming!


When fireflies draw a halo in the night sky

The soil is full of rain.

In the bursts of cicadas, the heat is coming as scheduled.




The ancients divided the heat into three periods


A moment of rotten grass as a firefly


In ancient times, it was believed that fireflies were transformed by rotten grass.

It is the poetic worm that greets the beginning of autumn.

Light Luo small fan fireflies

Cool autumn is not far away


Two waiting for the soil to run the heat


"oppressive" is wet

The weather was muggy on the 5th after the summer heat.

The land has become very wet




Three when the heavy rain


Another five days, moisture accumulation, heavy rain

When it rains heavily, it just goes away.

Thunderstorms bring coolness


Great summer season

Different places have their own customs of different interests




"If you eat fairy grass in the summer of June, you will not grow old if you live like a fairy"

During the summer season, "eating fairy grass" is popular in many places in Guangdong"

"Burning fairy grass" is more considered to be a good product for relieving summer heat.



At the same time, some people like to eat hot food in the heat.

For example, people in Putian, Fujian Province eat litchi, mutton and rice grains.




To pray for peace

Zhejiang coastal areas to send "big summer boat"

At this time, there will be colorful performances


Great summer is the season with the most crickets in the country fields.

After dinner, people in some areas

Kill the time by fighting crickets




Hot and rainy in midsummer

The air of summer and dampness is easy to take advantage.

Heart gas is easy to lose


At this time, appropriate amount of water should be added.

Avoid eating raw and cold fruits and greasy food

To prevent the spleen and stomach movement weakness, cold dampness stagnation


The weather is sultry and easy to be irritable


At this time should pay attention to self-regulation, appropriate exercise

Don't be too excited, impatient and angry




Listen to the wind and rain

Great Summer Poetry

For the bitter summer to send a cool


Summer Night Chasing Cool

Song · Yang Wanli


The night heat is still the same as the afternoon heat. Open the door and set the moon bright.

Bamboo deep tree dense insect chirping place, sometimes cool is not the wind.




The Night of June 18.

Song Sima Guang


The old willow is noisy and the wasteland is shining.

Human feelings are suffering from summer heat, but things have been shocked.

The cold water under the moon, comb the white head before the wind.

How to take a guest at midnight and bring a belt to pay homage to the public.


"The Great Summer Water Pavilion Listening to the Flute of Jin Qing's Zhaohua"

Song Tingjian Huang


Qi bamboo can sing water bottom dragon, jade people should be in the moon.

When to wash the autumn sky hot, scattered for frost day leaves wind.




Pin Summer

Tang Bai Juyi


Why to relieve the summer heat, end in a hospital.

There is no long object in front of me, and there is a fresh breeze under the window.

Heat disperses from the heart to calm, cool raw room empty.

At this time, it is difficult to be more in line with others.


The sound of cicadas and frogs, boating on the water

Quiet Night Clear Firefly Whispers

In the sun blazing July

Just wait for the wind, just wait for the rain




Summer is tough

But it is also the time when crops grow rapidly.

In the fields, people work hard and sweat.

Looking forward to the harvest of autumn


After the heat

24Solar terms open the second half

Cold and summer heat flow, Fang Cheng years



 The summer heat has arrived, and time waits for no man.

Enjoy the summer feast!




Great summer heat, at this time, fairy grass, sultry, weather, moonlight, cool, heavy rain, bursts

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