August 1st Army Day, salute our heroes!

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2024-01-29 09:37


August 1st Army Day, salute our heroes!




August 1st Army Day

After 93 years of history, the pointer of the years once again shines to the "8.1" time scale. In the land of China, the military flag is fluttering against the strong wind. It solemnly declares to the world: The 93rd Army Day of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is coming!



In times of war, they sacrificed their lives to defend their motherland;

In times of peace, they rushed to the front line of emergency rescue!

They are the most lovely people.

They are Chinese soldiers!



These are the most lovely people

stationed on the snow-covered plateau, the desert border, and the arduous islands and reefs,

Fighting in the peacekeeping battlefield, disaster relief line......

There, they always "priority",

You're desperate!



They guard the lights of thousands of homes

Guard peace and tranquility for us

As long as there are dangerous places

There are Chinese soldiers doing your most solid backing



They can stay out of sight for days and nights

Can be day and night without rest

Forget to eat

Forget to sleep

Forget fatigue

Just because of our need!



August 1st Army Day has arrived
No matter how
Please leave them friends.

Salute to the loveliest people.



A disaster makes us realize the impermanence of life

Let us understand the vitality of the majestic



We were not born in a time of peace.

Born in a peaceful country.

Because there are such a group of people

Make it your highest duty to guard your peace.



In the face of national distress

There are always a group of soldiers dressed in olive green to stand up

Dispel the haze of fear ahead

We know that the sun is as usual after the disaster

The Iron-blooded Meritorious Service of Defending the Peace of the Times
Thank you
My People's Liberation Army







usher in the 93rd anniversary of the 'August 1 'army day,
Let us,

Same breath., common fate, heart to heart.

The stars shine!





Thanks to the soldiers who have been silently paying for us!

We believe,

Our army will be stronger!


We also firmly believe that their spirit will infect us!


August 1st Army Day, salute to the lovely soldiers!




Heroes, we, them, peace, loveliness, August 1 army day, soldiers, let us, people, forget

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