Live | Yuanlei Powder Products Swept 2020 Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition

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Live | Yuanlei Powder Products Swept 2020 Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition


August11day,2020The 10th Asia-Pacific Floor Exhibition was held in Area B of Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall. The exhibition will last until August.11During the period, the 2020 Guangzhou International Coating Exhibition was held at the same time,2020Asia Pacific Floor Material Brand Conference and Guangzhou Floor Material Exhibition and2020Guangzhou sports venues and flooring exhibition. It is expected that the flow of people at this exhibition will reach 50000Multi-person,International buyers audience will reach the highest peak28000Person-time.


Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd.As a manufacturer of raw materials for flooring enterprises, he was invited to participate in this exhibition, and specially brought Yuanlei powder materials to the exhibition hall of the Canton Fair.Area A5.1 Pavilion B03 BoothTo help show the new trend of China's ground material industry.


| Exhibit Time |
11-13 August 2020


| Booth Address |


Guangzhou ·Zone A of China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall5.1 Pavilion B03 Booth


To win public praise with quality, Yuanlei powder has been praised and favored by many floor enterprises. It has attracted much attention in the early stage of the exhibition. Exhibitors and customers at home and abroad enjoy professional and satisfactory services here.


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Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd.Do not forget your initiative mind, strive to create exclusive high-end life raw material products, adhere to the enterprise tenet of "professional height and more care", adhere to the enterprise tenet of career development and humanistic care, actively learn from foreign advanced technology and advanced concepts to promote the comprehensive innovation of enterprises, and meet the social and market needs to a certain extent.



The high-quality barium sulfate series, calcium carbonate series and silicon micropowder series of Yuanlei powder not only show the strength from Yuanlei to all friends, but also show the ingenuity and persistence of the company to do a good job in products and win the recognition of the industry.




2020 Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition




Exhibition time:2020Year8Month11-13Day


Booth location:Zone A of China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Address:Canton FairPavilion



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Yuanlei Classroom | As a key material, how many applications does precipitated barium sulfate have?


The appearance of precipitated barium sulfate is a white amorphous powder, with a relative density of 4.50 (15 ℃) and a melting point of 1580 ℃. Due to its high refractive index (1.63-1.65), it exhibits a relatively white color and a certain degree of covering power. It is almost insoluble in water, ethanol, and acid, soluble in hot sulfuric acid. It is easy to form mixed crystals with potassium permanganate, calcium carbonate, or metal nitrates, and can be reduced to barium sulfide with carbon at high temperatures.

Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Application of Wet Mica Powder in Other Fields


Wet mica powder is a high-quality mineral filler made from high-quality mica raw materials, which are washed, impurity removed, soaked, crushed, low-temperature dried, and screened. Its unique production process maximizes the preservation of mica's sheet-like structure, large diameter to thickness ratio, high refractive index, high purity, high whiteness, high gloss, low sand and iron content, and other industrial characteristics that cannot be compared to dry process technology. The unique performance of wet mica powder has greatly improved its application in multiple industries such as plastics, paint, rubber, etc., and has a significant effect on improving product performance and reducing costs.

Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Application of Wet Mica Powder in Resin and Plastics


Wet mica powder is a high-quality powder with good whiteness, large diameter to thickness ratio, smooth surface, and uniform particle size obtained by special processes of crushing, drying, and grading mica fragments after washing, impurity removal, and purification. It is widely used in rubber, plastics, coatings, paints, cosmetics, and other industries.